Isaiah 14

  1 G5036 Quickly G2064 it comes, G2532 and G3756 shall not G5549 pass time, G2532 and G2250 their days G1473   G3766.2 in no way G2178.2 shall drag. G2532 And G1653 the lord shall show mercy on G2962   G3588   G* Jacob, G2532 and G1586 will choose G2089 yet G3588   G* Israel, G2532 and G373 they shall rest G1909 upon G3588   G1093 their land; G1473   G2532 and G3588 the G1069.1 foreigner G4369 shall be added G4314 to G1473 them, G2532 and G4369 they shall be added G4314 to G3588 the G3624 house G* of Jacob.
  2 G2532 And G2983 [2shall take G1473 3them G1484 1nations], G2532 and G1521 bring them G1519 into G3588   G5117 their place; G1473   G2532 and G2624.1 they shall inherit them, G2532 and G4129 they shall be multiplied G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 land G3588   G2316 of God G1519 for G1401 manservants G2532 and G1399 maidservants; G2532 and G1510.8.6 [4shall be G164 5captives G3588 1the G162 2ones capturing G1473 3them]; G2532 and G2961 they shall dominate G3588 the G2961 ones dominating them. G1473  
  3 G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G1722 in G3588   G2250 that day G1565   G373 [2will rest G1473 3you G2962 1 the lord] G575 from G3588 the G3601 grief, G2532 and G3588   G2372 your rage, G1473   G2532 and G3588   G1397 [3slavery G1473 1your G3588   G4642 2hard] G3739 of which G1398 you slaved G1473 for them.
  4 G2532 And G2983 you shall take up G3588   G2355 this wailing G3778   G1909 against G3588 the G935 king G* of Babylon, G2532 and G2046 you shall say G1722 in G3588   G2250 that day, G1565   G4459 O how G373 [3has been rested G3588 1the G523 2one exacting], G2532 and G373 [3has been rested G3588 1the G1986.4 2taskmaster]!
  5 G4937 The lord broke G2962   G3588 the G2218 yoke G3588 of the G268 sinners, G3588 the G2218 yoke G3588 of the G758 rulers.
  6 G3960 Having struck G1484 a nation G2372 in rage G4127 [2calamity G446.3 1with an incurable]; G3817 hitting G1484 a nation G4127 with a calamity G2372 of rage, G3739 which G3756 he spared not, G5339   G373 he rested G3982 persuading.
  7 G3956 All G3588 the G1093 earth G994 yells G3326 with G2167 gladness.
  8 G2532 And G3588 the G3586 trees G3588   G* of Lebanon G2165 shall be gladdened G1909 against G1473 you, G2532 and G3588 the G2748 cedar G3588   G* of Lebanon, saying, G575 From G3739 of which time G1473 you G2837 were laid low, G3756 there ascended not G305   G3588   G2875 one felling G1473 us.
  9 G3588   G86 Hades G2736.3 from below G4087 was embittered G4876 meeting with G1473 you; G4891 [7were risen up together G1473 8against you G3956 1all G3588 2the G1095.2 3giants G3588   G756 4ruling G3588 5the G1093 6earth], G3588 the ones G1453 rising G1537 from G3588   G2362 their thrones, G1473   G3956 all G935 the kings G1484 of the nations.
  10 G3956 All G611 shall answer G2532 and G2046 shall say G1473 to you, G2532 You also G1473   G234.1 captured G5618 as G2532 even G1473 we; G1722 [3among G1473 4us G1161 1and G2644.1 2are you reckoned]?
  11 G2597 [2went down G1519 3into G86 4Hades G3588   G1391 1Your glory], G1473   G3588   G4183 [2great G2167 3gladness G1473 1your]; G5270 underneath G1473 you G4766 they shall make a bed G4598.1 of putrefaction, G2532 and G3588   G2618.1 [2 shall be your covering G1473   G4663 1 the worm].
  12 G4459 O how G1601 [3fell G1537 4from out of G3588 5the G3772 6heaven G3588 1the G2193.1 2morning star] -- G3588 the one G4404 [2 by morning G393 1rising]; G4937 [7was broken G1519 8unto G3588 9the G1093 10earth G3588 1the one G649 2sending G4314 3to G3956 4all G3588 5the G1484 6nations].
  13 G1473 But G1161   G2036 you said G1722 in G3588   G2588 your heart, G1473   G1519 Unto G3588 the G3772 heaven G305 I shall ascend; G1883 [3upon G3588 4the G792 5stars G3588 6of the G3772 7heaven G5087 1I will put G3588   G2362 2my throne]; G1473   G2523 I shall sit G1722 on G3735 [2mountain G5308 1a high], G1909 upon G3588 the G3735 [2mountains G3588   G5308 1high] G3588   G4314 towards G1005 the north;
  14 G305 I will ascend G1883 upon G3588 the G3507 clouds; G1510.8.1 I will be G3664 likened G3588 to the G5310 highest.
  15 G3568 But now G1161   G1519 [2into G86 3Hades G2597 1you shall go down], G2532 and G1519 into G3588 the G2310 foundations G3588 of the G1093 earth.
  16 G3588 The ones G1492 beholding G1473 you G2296 shall wonder G1909 over G1473 you, G2532 and G2046 shall say, G3778 Is this G3588 the G444 man G3588   G3947 provoking G3588 the G1093 earth, G3588 the one G4579 shaking G935 kings;
  17 G3588 the one G5087 making G3588 the G3611 inhabitable world G2048 desolate, G2532 and G3588   G4172 [2its cities G1473   G2507 1demolished]; G3588 the ones G1722 in G520.1 enslavement G3756 he did not loose. G3089  
  18 G3956 All G3588 the G935 kings G3588 of the G1484 nations G2837 sleep G1722 in G5092 honor, G444 every man G1722 in G3588   G3624 his house. G1473  
  19 G1473 But you G1161   G4495 shall be tossed G1722 in G3588 the G3735 mountains G5613 as G3498 dead, G948 being abhorred G3326 with G4183 many G2348 having died G1574 being stabbed G3162 by a sword, G2597 going down G1519 into G86 Hades.
  20 G3739 In which G5158 manner G2440 a garment G1722 [2by G129 3blood G5445.4 1being befouled] G3756 shall not be G1510.8.3   G2513 clean, G3779 so G3761 not even G1473 shall you be G1510.8.2   G2513 clean; G1360 because G3588   G1093 [2my land G1473   G622 1you destroyed], G2532 and G3588   G2992 [2my people G1473   G615 1killed]; G3766.2 in no way G3306 should you abide G1519 into G3588 the G165 eon G5550 of time -- G4690 [2seed G4190 1O evil].
  21 G2090 Prepare G3588   G5043 your children G1473   G4969 to be slain G3588 for the G266 sins G3588   G3962 of their father! G1473   G2443 that G3361 they should not G450 rise up G2532 and G2816 inherit G3588 the G1093 earth, G2532 and G1705 should fill up G3588 the G1093 earth G4171 with wars.
  22 G2532 And G1881 I will rise up against G1473 them, G3004 says G2962 the lord G4519 of Hosts, G2532 and G622 I will destroy G1473 their G3686 name, G2532 and G2640 vestige, G2532 and G4690 seed -- G3592 thus G3004 says G2962 the lord .
  23 G2532 And G5087 I will make G3588 the G* Babylonian region G2048 desolate G5620 so as for G2730 [2to dwell G2191.1 1hedgehogs]. G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G1519 for G3762 nothing, G2532 and G5087 I will make G1473 it G4081 a clay G912.1 pit G1519 for G684 destruction.
  24 G3592 Thus G3004 says G2962 the lord G4519 of Hosts, G3739 In which G5158 manner G2046 I have said, G3779 so G1510.8.3 it will be; G2532 and G3739 in which G5158 manner G1011 I have deliberated, G3779 so G3306 it shall remain;
  25 G3588   G622 even to destroy G3588 the G* Assyrians G1909 upon G3588   G1093 [2land G3588   G1699 1my], G2532 and G1909 upon G3588   G3735 my mountains; G1473   G2532 and G1510.8.6 they will be G1519 for G2662.1 trampling. G2532 And G851 [2shall be removed G575 3from G1473 4them G3588   G2218 1their yoke], G1473   G2532 and G3588   G2942.3 their dignity G1473   G575 [2from G3588   G5606 3their shoulders G1473   G851 1shall be removed].
  26 G3778 This G3588   G1012 is the plan G3739 which G1011 the lord planned G2962   G1909 for G3650 all G3588 the G3611 inhabitable world. G2532 And G3778 this G3588 is the G5495 [2hand G3588   G5308 1high] G1909 upon G3956 all G3588 the G1484 nations.
  27 G3739 For what G1063   G3588 the G2316 [2God G3588   G39 1holy] G1011 planned, G5100 who G1286.1 shall efface? G2532 And G3588   G5495 [5hand G1473 3his G3588   G5308 4high G5100 1who G654 2shall turn]?
  28 G3588 The G2094 year G3739 in which G599 [3died G* 2Ahaz G3588   G935 1king], G1096 came G3588   G4487 this saying. G3778  
  29 G3361 Be not glad G2165   G3588   G246 all Philistines, G3956   G4937 for he broke G1063   G3588 the G2218 yoke G3588 of the G3817 one hitting G1473 you. G1537 For from out of G1063   G4690 the seed G3789 of the serpent G1831 shall come forth G1549 a progeny G785 of asps, G2532 and G3588   G1549 their progeny G1473   G1831 shall come forth as G3789 [2serpents G4072 1flying].
  30 G2532 And G1006 [2shall be grazed G4434 1 the poor] G1223 by G1473 him; G4434 and poor G1161   G444 men G1909 with G1515 peace G373 shall rest; G337 and he shall do away G1161   G1722 [2with G3042 3hunger G3588   G4690 1your seed]; G1473   G2532 and G3588   G2640 your vestige G1473   G337 he will do away with.
  31 G3649 Shriek, G4439 O gates G4172 of the cities! G2896 Cry out, G4172 O cities! G5015 [4are being disturbed G3588 2the G246 3Philistines G3956 1All]. G3754 For G575 from G1005 the north G2586 smoke G2064 comes, G2532 and G3756 there is no G1510.2.3   G3588   G1510.1 being.
  32 G2532 And G5100 what G611 shall [3answer G935 1 the kings G1484 2of the nations]? G3754 For G2962 the lord G2311 laid a foundation G* in Zion, G2532 and G1223 through G1473 him G4982 [3shall be delivered G2992 2peoples G4183 1many].