G4127 πληγή - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a blow, stroke
a blow, stripe, wound
a blow, stripe, wound; an affliction, plague.
a stroke; by implication, a wound; figuratively, a calamity
Derivation: from G4141;

KJV Usage: plague, stripe, wound(-ed).

1) a blow, stripe, a wound
2) a public calamity, heavy affliction, plague,

From G4141; a stroke; by implication a wound; figuratively a calamity

KJV Usage: plague, stripe, wound (-ed).

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21 occurrences of G4127 πληγή

Luke 10:30 wounded
Luke 12:48 of stripes,
Acts 16:23 stripes
Acts 16:33 their stripes;
2 Corinthians 6:5 stripes,
2 Corinthians 11:23 stripes
Revelation 9:20 plagues
Revelation 11:6 plagues,
Revelation 13:3 wound
Revelation 13:12 wound
Revelation 13:14 the wound
Revelation 15:1 plagues;
Revelation 15:6 plagues,
Revelation 15:8 plagues
Revelation 16:9 plagues:
Revelation 16:21 the plague
Revelation 16:21 plague
Revelation 18:4 plagues.
Revelation 18:8 plagues
Revelation 21:9 plagues,
Revelation 22:18 the plagues

Distinct usage

3 plagues
3 plagues,
2 stripes
2 wound
1 wounded
1 of stripes,
1 their stripes;
1 stripes,
1 the wound
1 plagues;
1 plagues:
1 the plague
1 plague
1 plagues.
1 the plagues

Corresponding Hebrew Words

plege H3511 keev
plege H4046 maggephah
plege H4294 matteh
plege H4347 makkah
plege H5061 nega
plege H5063 negeph
plege H7626 shevet