G2932 κτάομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to procure for oneself, to get, gain, acquire
I win, get, buy, possess
(a) I acquire, win, get, purchase, buy, (b) I possess, win mastery over.
to get, i.e. acquire (by any means; own)
Derivation: a primary verb;

KJV Usage: obtain, possess, provide, purchase.

to posses
κτάομαι, -ῶμαι
[in LXX chiefly for קָנָה ;]
in pres., impf., fut. and aor., to procure for oneself, get, gain, acquire (the pf. and plpf., to have acquired, hence to possess, do not occur in NT): with accusative of thing(s),
Refs Mat.10:9, Luk.18:12, Act.8:20
; with genitive pret., Act.22:28; ἐκ with genitive pret., Act.1:18; τ,ψυχὰς ὑμῶν (MM, xvi), Luk.21:19; τ. ἑαυτοῦ σκεῦος κτᾶσθαι, 1Th.4:4 (where if σ. = body, κ. must = pf., κέκτημαι; see MM, xvi; M, Th., in l; Field, Notes, 72 f. But σ. is most freq. taken as = wife; see Thayer, see word; Lft., Notes, 53 ff.; ICC, in l).†
κτάομαι, -ῶμαι; fut. κτήσομαι (Lk. xxi. 19 L Tr WH); 1 aor. ἐκτησάμην; [fr. Hom. down]; Sept. for קָנָה; to acquire, get or procure a thing for one's self [cf. W. 260 (244)]; (pf. κέκτημαι, to possess [cf. W. 274 (257) note]; not found in the N. T.): τί, Mt. x. 9; Acts viii. 20; ὅσα κτῶμαι, all my income, Lk. xviii. 12; with gen. of price added [W. 206 (194)], πολλοῦ, Acts xxii. 28; with ἐκ and gen. of price (see ἐκ, II. 4), Acts i. 18; τὸ ἑαυτοῦ σκεῦος ἐν ἁγιασμῷ κ. τιμῇ, to produce for himself his own vessel (i. e. for the satisfaction or the sexual passion; see σκεῦος, 1) in sanctification and honor, i. e. to marry a wife (opp. to the use of a harlot; the words ἐν ἁγ. κ. τιμῇ are added to express completely the idea of marrying in contrast with the baseness of procurring a harlot as his 'vessel'; cf. κτᾶσθαι γυναῖκα, of marrying a wife, Ruth iv. 10; Sir. xxxvi. 29 (xxxiii. 26); Xen. symp. 2, 10), 1 Th. iv. 4; τὰς ψυχὰς ὑμῶν, the true life of your souls, your true lives, i. e. eternal life (cf. the opp. ζημιοῦσθαι τὴν ψ. αὐτοῦ under ζημιόω), Lk. xxi. 19; cf. Meyer ad loc. and W. p. 274 (257).*
1) to acquire, get, or procure a thing for one's self, to possess
1a) to marry a wife

A primary verb; to get, that is, acquire (by any means; own)

KJV Usage: obtain, possess, provide, purchase.

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7 occurrences of G2932 κτάομαι

Matthew 10:9 Acquire
Luke 18:12 I acquire.
Luke 21:19 acquire ye
Acts 1:18 acquired
Acts 8:20 may be acquired
Acts 22:28 acquired
1 Thessalonians 4:4 how to acquire

Distinct usage

2 acquired
1 Acquire
1 I acquire.
1 how to acquire
1 acquire ye
1 may be acquired

Corresponding Hebrew Words

ktaomai H1167 baal
ktaomai H1961 hayah
ktaomai H3205 yalad
ktaomai H3425 yerushshah
ktaomai H3947 laqach
ktaomai H4376 makhar
ktaomai H5157 nachal
ktaomai H6213 asah
ktaomai H7069 qanah qal,ni,hi
ktaomai H7408 rakhash

Related words

G2932 κτάομαι

G2933 κτῆμα
From G2932; an acquirement, that is, estate

KJV Usage: possession.

G2934 κτῆνος
From G2932; property, that is, (specifically) a domestic animal

KJV Usage: beast.

G2935 κτήτωρ
From G2932; an owner

KJV Usage: possessor.

G2936 κτίζω
Probably akin to G2932 (through the idea of the proprietorship of the manufacturer); to fabricate, that is, found (form originally)

KJV Usage: create, Creator, make.