Matthew 27

  1 G1161 Now when G4405 morning G1096 was come, G3956 all G749 the chief priests G2532 and G4245 the elders G2992 of the people G2983 took G4824 counsel G2596 against G2424 Jesus G5620 to G2289 put G846 him G2289 to death:
  2 G2532 and G1210 they bound G846 him, G520 and led G520 him away, G2532 and G3860 delivered G846 him G4091 up to Pilate G2232 the governor.
  3 G5119 Then G2455 Judas, G3860 who betrayed G846 him, G1492 when he saw G3754 that G2632 he was condemned, G3338 repented himself, G654 and brought back G5144 the thirty G694 pieces of silver G749 to the chief priests G2532 and G4245 elders,
  4 G3004 saying, G264 I have sinned G3860 in that I betrayed G121 innocent G129 blood. G1161 But G3588 they G2036 said, G5101 What G4314 is that to G2248 us? G3700 see G4771 thou to it.
  5 G2532 And G4496 he cast down G694 the pieces of silver G1722 into G3485 the sanctuary, G402 and departed; G2532 and G565 he went G519 away and hanged himself.
  6 G1161 And G749 the chief priests G2983 took G694 the pieces G2036 of silver, and said, G906 It is G3756 not G1832 lawful G906 to put G846 them G1519 into G2878 the treasury, G1893 since G2076 it is G5092 the price G129 of blood.
  7 G1161 And G2983 they took G4824 counsel, G59 and bought G1537 with G846 them G2763 the potter's G68 field, G5027 to bury G3581 strangers G1519 in.
  8 G1352 Wherefore G1565 that G68 field G2564 was called, G68 the field G129 of blood, G2193 unto G4594 this day.
  9 G5119 Then G4137 was fulfilled G4483 that which was spoken G1223 through G2408 Jeremiah G4396 the prophet, G3004 saying, G2532 And G694 they G2983 took G694 the G5144 thirty G694 pieces of silver, G5092 the price G5091 of him that was priced, G3739 whom G5207 certain of the children G575 of G2474 Israel G5091 did price;
  10 G2532 and G1325 they gave G846 them G1519 for G68 the G2763 potter's G68 field, G2505 as G2962 the Lord G4929 appointed G3427 me.
  11 G1161 Now G2424 Jesus G2476 stood G1715 before G2232 the governor: G2532 and G2232 the governor G1905 asked G846 him, G3004 saying, G1488 Art G4771 thou G935 the King G2453 of the Jews? G1161 And G2424 Jesus G5346 said G846 unto him, G4771 Thou G3004 sayest.
  12 G2532 And G1722 when G846 he G2723 was accused G5259 by G749 the chief priests G2532 and G4245 elders, G611 he answered G3762 nothing.
  13 G5119 Then G3004 saith G4091 Pilate G846 unto him, G191 Hearest thou G3756 not G4214 how many things G2649 they witness against G4675 thee?
  14 G2532 And G846 he gave him G611 no answer, G3756 not G3761 even G1520 to one G4487 word: G5620 insomuch that G2232 the governor G2296 marvelled G3029 greatly.
  15 G1161 Now G2596 at G1859 the feast G2232 the governor G1486 was wont G630 to release G1520 unto G3793 the multitude G1198 one prisoner, G3739 whom G2309 they would.
  16 G1161 And G2192 they had G5119 then G1978 a notable G1198 prisoner, G3004 called G912 Barabbas.
  17 G3767 When G846 therefore they G4863 were gathered together, G4091 Pilate G2036 said G846 unto them, G5101 Whom G2309 will ye G630 that I release G5213 unto you? G912 Barabbas, G2228 or G2424 Jesus G3004 who is called G5547 Christ?
  18 G1063 For G1492 he knew G3754 that G1223 for G5355 envy G3860 they had delivered G846 him up.
  19 G1161 And G846 while he G2521 was sitting G1909 on G846 the judgment-seat, his G1135 wife G649 sent G4314 unto G846 him, G3004 saying, G3367 Have G4671 thou G3367 nothing to do G2532 with G1565 that G1342 righteous man; G1063 for G3958 I have suffered G1342 many G4183 things G4594 this day G2596 in G3677 a dream G1223 because of G846 him.
  20 G1161 Now G749 the chief priests G2532 and G4245 the elders G3982 persuaded G3793 the multitudes G2443 that G154 they should ask G912 for Barabbas, G1161 and G622 destroy G2424 Jesus.
  21 G2232 But the governor G611 answered G1161 and G2036 said G846 unto them, G5101 Which G575 of G1417 the two G2309 will ye G630 that I release G2309 unto you? G3588 And they G2036 said, G912 Barabbas.
  22 G4091 Pilate G3004 saith G846 unto them, G5101 What G3767 then G4160 shall I do G2424 unto Jesus G3004 who is called G5547 Christ? G3956 They all G4717 say, Let him be crucified.
  23 G1161 And G5346 he said, G5101 Why, G1063 what G2556 evil G4160 hath he done? G1161 But G3588 they G2896 cried out G4057 exceedingly, G3004 saying, G4717 Let him be crucified.
  24 G1161 So when G4091 Pilate G1492 saw G3754 that G5623 he prevailed G3762 nothing, G235 but G3123 rather G2351 that a tumult G1096 was arising, G2983 he took G5204 water, G633 and washed G5495 his hands G561 before G3793 the multitude, G3004 saying, G1510 I am G121 innocent G575 of G129 the blood G5127 of this G1342 righteous man; G3700 see G5210 ye to it.
  25 G2532 And G3956 all G2992 the people G611 answered G2036 and said, G846 His G129 blood G1909 be on G2248 us, G2532 and G1909 on G2257 our G5043 children.
  26 G5119 Then G630 released he G846 unto them G912 Barabbas; G1161 but G2424 Jesus G5417 he scourged G3860 and delivered G2443 to G4717 be crucified.
  27 G5119 Then G4757 the soldiers G2232 of the governor G3880 took G2424 Jesus G1519 into G4232 the Praetorium, G4863 and gathered G1909 unto G846 him G3650 the whole G4686 band.
  28 G2532 And G1562 they stripped G846 him, G4060 and put on G846 him G2847 a scarlet G5511 robe.
  29 G2532 And G4120 they platted G4735 a crown G1537 of G173 thorns G2007 and put G1909 it upon G846 his G2776 head, G2532 and G2563 a reed G1909 in G846 his G1188 right hand; G2532 and G1120 they kneeled G1715 down before G846 him, G1702 and mocked G846 him, G3004 saying, G5463 Hail, G935 King G2453 of the Jews!
  30 G2532 And G1716 they spat G1519 upon G846 him, G2983 and took G2563 the reed G2532 and G5180 smote G846 him G1519 on G2776 the head.
  31 G2532 And G1702 when they had mocked G846 him, G1562 they took G1562 off G846 from him G5511 the robe, G2532 and G1746 put G1746 on G846 him G2440 his garments, G2532 and G520 led G846 him G520 away G1519 to G4717 crucify G846 him.
  32 G1161 And G1831 as they came out, G2147 they found G444 a man G2956 of Cyrene, G4613 Simon G3686 by name: G5126 him G29 they compelled G2443 to G142 go with them, that he might bear G846 his G4716 cross.
  33 G2532 And G2064 they were come G1519 unto G5117 a place G3004 called G1115 Golgotha, G3739 that G2076 is G3004 to say, G5117 The place G2898 of a skull,
  34 G1325 they gave G846 him G3690 wine G4095 to drink G3396 mingled G3326 with G5521 gall: G2532 and G1089 when he had tasted G2309 it, he would G3756 not G4095 drink.
  35 G1161 And G4717 when they had crucified G846 him, G1266 they parted G846 his G2440 garments G906 among them, casting G2819 lots;
  36 G2532 and G2521 they sat G5083 and watched G846 him G1563 there.
  37 G2532 And G2007 they set up G1883 over G846 his G2776 head G846 his G156 accusation G1125 written, G3778 THIS G2076 IS G2424 JESUS G935 THE KING G2453 OF THE JEWS.
  38 G5119 Then G4717 are there G4862 crucified with G846 him G1417 two G3027 robbers, G1520 one G1537 on G1188 the right hand G2532 and G1520 one G1537 on G2176 the left.
  39 G1161 And G3899 they that passed by G987 railed G846 on him, G2795 wagging G846 their G2776 heads,
  40 G2532 and G3004 saying, G2647 Thou that destroyest G3485 the temple, G2532 and G3618 buildest G1722 it in G5140 three G2250 days, G4982 save G4572 thyself: G1487 if G1488 thou art G5207 the Son G2316 of God, G2597 come down G575 from G4716 the cross.
  41 G3668 In like G2532 manner also G749 the chief priests G1702 mocking G3326 him, with G1122 the scribes G2532 and G4245 elders, G3004 said,
  42 G4982 He saved G243 others; G1438 himself G1410 he G3756 cannot G4982 save. G1487 He G2076 is G935 the King G2474 of Israel; G2597 let him G3568 now G2597 come down G575 from G4716 the cross, G2532 and G4100 we will believe G846 on him.
  43 G3982 He trusteth G2316 on God; G4506 let him deliver G846 him G3568 now, G1487 if G846 he desireth him: G1063 for G3754 he said, G1510 I am G5207 the Son G2316 of God.
  44 G3027 And the robbers G2532 also G4957 that were crucified with G846 him G3679 cast G846 upon him G846 the same G3679 reproach.
  45 G1161 Now G575 from G1623 the sixth G5610 hour G1096 there was G4655 darkness G1909 over G3956 all G1093 the land G2193 until G1766 the ninth G5610 hour.
  46 G1161 And G4012 about G5610 the G1766 ninth G5610 hour G2424 Jesus G310 cried with G5456 a G3173 loud G5456 voice, G3004 saying, G2241 Eli, G2241 Eli, G2982 lama G4518 sabachthani? G5124 that G2076 is, G3450 My G2316 God, G3450 my G2316 God, G2444 why G1459 hast thou forsaken G3165 me?
  47 G5100 And some G2476 of them stood G1563 there, G191 when they heard G3754 it, said, G3778 This G5455 man calleth G2243 Elijah.
  48 G2532 And G2112 straightway G1520 one G1537 of G846 them G5143 ran, G2532 and G2983 took G4699 a sponge, G5037 and G4130 filled G3690 it with vinegar, G2532 and G4060 put G2563 it on a reed, G4222 and gave G846 him G4222 to drink.
  49 G3062 And the rest G3004 said, G863 Let be; G1492 let us see G1487 whether G2243 Elijah G2064 cometh G4982 to save G846 him.
  50 G2424 And Jesus G2896 cried G3825 again G2896 with G5456 a G3173 loud G5456 voice, G863 and yielded up G4151 his spirit.
  51 G2532 And G2400 behold, G2665 the veil G3485 of the temple G4977 was rent G1519 in G1417 two G575 from G509 the top G2193 to G2736 the bottom; G2532 and G1093 the earth G4579 did quake; G2532 and G4073 the rocks G4977 were rent;
  52 G2532 and G3419 the tombs G455 were opened; G2532 and G4183 many G4983 bodies G40 of the saints G2837 that had fallen asleep G1453 were raised;
  53 G2532 and G1831 coming forth out G1537 of G3419 the tombs G3326 after G846 his G1454 resurrection G1525 they entered G1519 into G4172 the G40 holy G4172 city G2532 and G1718 appeared G4183 unto many.
  54 G1161 Now G1543 the centurion, G2532 and G3588 they that were G3326 with G846 him G5083 watching G2424 Jesus, G1492 when they saw G4578 the earthquake, G2532 and G1096 the things that were done, G5399 feared G4970 exceedingly, G3004 saying, G230 Truly G3778 this G2258 was G5207 the Son G2316 of God.
  55 G1161 And G4183 many G1135 women G2258 were G1563 there G2334 beholding G575 from G3113 afar, G3748 who G190 had followed G2424 Jesus G575 from G1056 Galilee, G1247 ministering G846 unto him:
  56 G1722 among G3739 whom G2258 was G3137 Mary G3094 Magdalene, G2532 and G3137 Mary G3384 the mother G2385 of James G2532 and G2499 Joses, G2532 and G3384 the mother G5207 of the sons G2199 of Zebedee.
  57 G1161 And when G3798 even G1096 was come, G2064 there came G4145 a rich G444 man G575 from G707 Arimathaea, G5122 named G2501 Joseph, G3739 who G2532 also G846 himself G3100 was G2424 Jesus' G3100 disciple:
  58 G3778 this G4334 man went to G4091 Pilate, G154 and asked G4983 for the body G2424 of Jesus. G5119 Then G4091 Pilate G2753 commanded G591 it to be given up.
  59 G2532 And G2501 Joseph G2983 took G4983 the body, G1794 and wrapped G846 it G1794 in G2513 a clean G4616 linen cloth,
  60 G2532 and G5087 laid G846 it G1722 in G846 his own G2537 new G3419 tomb, G3739 which G2998 he had hewn out G1722 in G4073 the rock: G2532 and G4351 he rolled G3037 a G3173 great G3037 stone G2374 to the door G3419 of the tomb, G565 and departed.
  61 G1161 And G3137 Mary G3094 Magdalene G2258 was G1563 there, G2532 and G243 the other G3137 Mary, G2521 sitting G561 over against G5028 the sepulchre.
  62 G1161 Now G1887 on the morrow, G2076 which is the day G3326 after G3904 the Preparation, G749 the chief priests G2532 and G5330 the Pharisees G4863 were gathered together G4314 unto G4091 Pilate,
  63 G3004 saying, G2962 Sir, G3415 we remember G3754 that G1565 that G4108 deceiver G2036 said G2198 while he was G2089 yet G2198 alive, G3326 After G5140 three G2250 days G1453 I rise again.
  64 G2753 Command G3767 therefore G805 that G5028 the sepulchre G805 be made sure G2193 until G2250 the G5154 third G2250 day, G3379 lest G846 haply his G3101 disciples G2064 come G2813 and steal G846 him away, G2532 and G2036 say G2992 unto the people, G1453 He is risen G575 from G3498 the dead: G2532 and G2078 the last G4106 error G2071 will be G5501 worse than G4413 the first.
  65 G4091 Pilate G5346 said G846 unto them, G2192 Ye have G2892 a guard: G805 go, make G805 it as sure G5613 as G1492 ye can.
  66 G1161 So G3588 they G4198 went, G805 and made G5028 the sepulchre G805 sure, G4972 sealing G3037 the stone, G2892 the guard G3326 being with them.