G4145 πλούσιος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
rich, wealthy, opulent
rich, abounding in, wealthy; subst: a rich man.
wealthy; figuratively, abounding with
Derivation: from G4149;

KJV Usage: rich.

1) wealthy, abounding in material resources
2) metaph. abounding, abundantly supplied
2a) abounding (rich) in Christian virtues and eternal possessions

From G4149; wealthy; figuratively abounding with

KJV Usage: rich.

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28 occurrences of G4145 πλούσιος

Matthew 19:23 a rich man
Matthew 19:24 for a rich man
Matthew 27:57 a rich
Mark 10:25 for a rich man
Mark 12:41 that were rich
Luke 6:24 that are rich!
Luke 12:16 rich
Luke 14:12 thy rich
Luke 16:1 rich
Luke 16:19 rich
Luke 16:21 the rich man's
Luke 16:22 the rich man
Luke 18:23 rich.
Luke 18:25 for a rich man
Luke 19:2 rich.
Luke 21:1 rich men
2 Corinthians 8:9 rich,
Ephesians 2:4 rich
1 Timothy 6:17 them that are rich
James 1:10 the rich,
James 1:11 the rich man
James 2:5 rich
James 2:6 rich men
James 5:1 ye rich men,
Revelation 2:9 rich)
Revelation 3:17 rich,
Revelation 6:15 the rich men,
Revelation 13:16 rich

Distinct usage

6 rich
3 for a rich man
2 the rich man
2 rich.
2 rich men
2 rich,
1 a rich man
1 a rich
1 that were rich
1 that are rich!
1 thy rich
1 the rich man's
1 them that are rich
1 the rich,
1 ye rich men,
1 rich)
1 the rich men,

Corresponding Hebrew Words

plousios H3515 kaved
plousios H3715 kephir
plousios H5947 alliz
plousios H6223 ashir
plousios H7600 shaanan