G1089 γεύομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I taste, experience
(a) I taste, (b) I experience.
to taste; by implication, to eat; figuratively, to experience (good or ill)
Derivation: a primary verb;

KJV Usage: eat, taste.

to taste
γεύω, γεύομαι,
[in LXX chiefly for טעם ;]
to make to taste. Mid., to taste eat: absol.,
Refs Act.10:10 20:11, Col.2:21
; with genitive,
Refs Mat.27:34, Luk.14:24, Act.23:14
; with accusative (not cl., but see Westc, Heb., l.with; M, Pr., 66, 245), Jhn.2:9. Metaph., Heb.6:4; ῥῆμα θεοῦ, Heb.6:5 (on case, see supr., and cf. Milligan, NTD, 68) θανάτου (cf. Talmudic טַעַם מִיתָה),
Refs Mat.16:28, Mrk.9:1, Luk.9:27, Jhn.8:52, Heb.2:9
; before ὅτι, 1Pe.2:3 (Cremer, 148).†
1) to taste, to try the flavour of
2) to taste
2a) i.e. perceive the flavour of, partake of, enjoy
2b) to feel, make trial of, experience
3) to take food, eat, to take nourishment, eat

A primary verb; to taste; by implication to eat; figuratively to experience (good or ill)

KJV Usage: eat, taste.

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20 occurrences of G1089 γεύομαι

Matthew 16:28 shall
Matthew 16:28 taste
Matthew 27:34 when he had tasted
Mark 9:1 shall
Mark 9:1 taste
Luke 9:27 shall
Luke 9:27 taste
Luke 14:24 shall taste
John 2:9 had tasted
John 8:52 he shall
John 8:52 taste
Acts 10:10 have eaten:
Acts 20:11 eaten,
Acts 23:14 that we will eat
Colossians 2:21 taste
Hebrews 2:9 he
Hebrews 2:9 should taste
Hebrews 6:4 have tasted
Hebrews 6:5 have tasted
1 Peter 2:3 ye have tasted

Distinct usage

5 taste
3 shall
2 have tasted
1 when he had tasted
1 shall taste
1 had tasted
1 he shall
1 have eaten:
1 eaten,
1 that we will eat
1 ye have tasted
1 he
1 should taste

Corresponding Hebrew Words

see st. geuo H1104 bala
see st. geuo H2938 taam
see st. geuo H3938 laat hi.

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G1089 γεύομαι