Matthew 10

  1 G2532 And G4341 he called unto G846 him his G1427 twelve G3101 disciples, G1325 and gave G846 them G1849 authority G169 over unclean G4151 spirits, G5620 to G1544 cast G846 them G1544 out, G2532 and G5620 to G2323 heal G3956 all manner of G2532 disease and G3956 all manner of G3554 sickness.
  2 G1161 Now G3686 the names G652 of the G1427 twelve G652 apostles G2076 are G5023 these: G4413 The first, G4613 Simon, G3004 who is called G4074 Peter, G2532 and G406 Andrew G846 his G80 brother; G2385 James G2199 the son of Zebedee, G2532 and G2491 John G846 his G80 brother;
  3 G5376 Philip, G2532 and G918 Bartholomew; G2381 Thomas, G2532 and G3156 Matthew G5057 the publican; G2385 James G256 the son of Alphaeus, G2532 and G2280 Thaddaeus;
  4 G4613 Simon G2581 the Cananaean, G2532 and G2455 Judas G2469 Iscariot, G3860 who G2532 also G3860 betrayed G846 him.
  5 G5128 These G1427 twelve G2424 Jesus G649 sent forth, G3853 and charged G846 them, G3004 saying, G565 Go G3361 not G1519 into G3598 any way G1484 of the Gentiles, G2532 and G1525 enter G3361 not G1519 into G4172 any city G4541 of the Samaritans:
  6 G1161 but G4198 go G3123 rather G4314 to G622 the lost G4263 sheep G3624 of the house G2474 of Israel.
  7 G1161 And G4198 as ye go, G2784 preach, G3754 saying, G932 The kingdom G3772 of heaven G1448 is at hand.
  8 G2323 Heal G770 the sick, G1453 raise G3498 the dead, G2511 cleanse G3015 the lepers, G1544 cast out G1140 demons: G1432 freely G2983 ye received, G1432 freely G1325 give.
  9 G2932 Get G2932 you no G5557 gold, G3366 nor G696 silver, G3366 nor G5475 brass G1519 in G5216 your G2223 purses;
  10 G3361 no G4082 wallet G1519 for G3598 your journey, G3366 neither G1417 two G5509 coats, G3366 nor G5266 shoes, G4464 nor staff: G1063 for G2040 the laborer G2076 is G514 worthy G846 of his G5160 food.
  11 G1161 And G1519 into G302 whatsoever G4172 city G2228 or G2968 village G1525 ye shall enter, G1833 search G5101 out who G1722 in G846 it G2076 is G514 worthy; G2546 and there G3306 abide G2193 till G1831 ye go forth.
  12 G1161 And G1525 as ye enter G1519 into G3614 the house, G782 salute G846 it.
  13 G2532 And G1437 if G3614 the house G5600 be G514 worthy, G2064 let G5216 your G1515 peace G2064 come G1909 upon G846 it: G1161 but G1437 if G846 it G5600 be G3361 not G514 worthy, G1994 let G5209 your G1515 peace G1994 return G4314 to G5209 you.
  14 G2532 And G3739 whosoever G1209 shall G3361 not G1209 receive G5209 you, G3366 nor G191 hear G5216 your G3056 words, G1831 as ye go forth out G3614 of G1565 that G3614 house G2228 or G4172 that city, G4228 shake off G2868 the dust G4228 of G5216 your G4228 feet.
  15 G281 Verily G3004 I say G5213 unto you, G2071 It shall be G414 more tolerable G1093 for the land G4670 of Sodom G2532 and G1116 Gomorrah G1722 in G2250 the day G2920 of judgment, G2228 than G4172 for G1565 that G4172 city.
  16 G2400 Behold, G1473 I G649 send G5209 you G649 forth G5613 as G4263 sheep G1722 in G3319 the midst G3074 of wolves: G1096 be ye G3767 therefore G5429 wise G5613 as G3789 serpents, G2532 and G185 harmless G5613 as G4058 doves.
  17 G1161 But G4337 beware G575 of G444 men: G1063 for G3860 they will deliver G5209 you G1519 up to G4892 councils, G2532 and G1722 in G846 theirs G4864 synagogues G3146 they will scourge G5209 you;
  18 G2532 yea and G1909 before G2232 governors G2532 and G935 kings G71 shall ye be brought G1752 for G1700 my G1752 sake, G1519 for G3142 a testimony G846 to them G2532 and G1484 to the Gentiles.
  19 G1161 But G3752 when G3860 they deliver G5209 you G3860 up, G3309 be G3361 not G3309 anxious G4459 how G2228 or G5101 what G2980 ye shall speak: G1063 for G1325 it shall be given G5213 you G1722 in G1565 that G5610 hour G5101 what G2980 ye shall speak.
  20 G1063 For G2075 it is G3756 not G5210 ye G2980 that speak, G235 but G4151 the Spirit G3962 of G5216 your G3962 Father G2980 that speaketh G1722 in G5213 you.
  21 G1161 And G80 brother G3860 shall deliver up G80 brother G1519 to G2288 death, G2532 and G3962 the father G5043 his child: G2532 and G5043 children G1881 shall rise up G1909 against G1118 parents, G2532 and G2289 cause G846 them G2289 to be put to death.
  22 G2532 And G2071 ye shall be G3404 hated G5259 of G3956 all G1223 men for G3450 my G3686 name's G1223 sake: G1161 but G3778 he G5278 that endureth G1519 to G5056 the end, G4982 the same shall be saved.
  23 G1161 But G3752 when G1377 they persecute G5209 you G1722 in G3778 this G4172 city, G1519 flee into G243 the next: G1063 for G281 verily G3004 I say G5213 unto you, G5055 Ye shall G3756 not G5055 have gone through G4172 the cities G2474 of Israel, G2193 till G5207 the Son G444 of man G2064 be come.
  24 G3101 A disciple G2076 is G3756 not G5228 above G1320 his teacher, G3761 nor G1401 a servant G5228 above G846 his G2962 lord.
  25 G713 It is enough G3101 for the disciple G2443 that G1096 he be G5613 as G846 his G1320 teacher, G2532 and G1401 the servant G5613 as G846 his G2962 lord. G1487 If G2564 they have called G3617 the master of the house G954 Beelzebub, G4214 how much G3123 more G3615 them of G846 his G3615 household!
  26 G5399 Fear G846 them G3361 not G3767 therefore: G1063 for G2076 there is G3762 nothing G2572 covered, G3739 that G601 shall G3756 not G601 be revealed; G2532 and G2927 hid, G3739 that G1097 shall G3756 not G1097 be known.
  27 G3739 What G3004 I tell G5213 you G1722 in G4653 the darkness, G2036 speak ye G1519 in G5457 the light; G2532 and G3739 what G2784 ye G191 hear G1519 in G3775 the ear, G1909 proclaim upon G1430 the house-tops.
  28 G2532 And G3361 be not G5399 afraid G615 of them that kill G4983 the body, G1161 but G1410 are G3361 not G1410 able G615 to kill G5590 the soul: G1161 but G3123 rather G5399 fear G1410 him who is able G622 to destroy G2532 both G5590 soul G2532 and G4983 body G1722 in G1067 hell.
  29 G4453 Are G3780 not G1417 two G4765 sparrows G4453 sold G787 for a penny? G2532 and G3756 not G1520 one G1537 of G846 them G4098 shall G4098 fall G1909 on G1093 the ground G427 without G5216 your G3962 Father:
  30 G1161 but G2359 the G2532 very G2359 hairs G2776 of G5216 your G2776 head G1526 are G3956 all G705 numbered.
  31 G5399 Fear G3361 not G3767 therefore: G5210 ye G1308 are of more value G4765 than G4183 many G4765 sparrows.
  32 G3956 Every G3748 one G3767 therefore G3670 who shall confess G1698 me G1715 before G444 men, G846 him G3670 will G1722 I G2504 also G3670 confess G1715 before G3450 my G3962 Father G3588 who is G1722 in G3772 heaven.
  33 G1161 But G3748 whosoever G720 shall deny G3165 me G1715 before G444 men, G846 him G720 will G2504 I also G720 deny G1715 before G3450 my G3962 Father G3588 who is G1722 in G3772 heaven.
  34 G3543 Think G3361 not G3754 that G2064 I came G906 to send G1515 peace G1909 on G1093 the earth: G2064 I came G3756 not G906 to send G1515 peace, G235 but G3162 a sword.
  35 G1063 For G2064 I came G1369 to set G444 a man G1369 at variance G2596 against G846 his G3962 father, G2532 and G2364 the daughter G2596 against G846 her G3384 mother, G2532 and G3994 the daughter in law G2596 against G846 her G3994 mother in law:
  36 G2532 and G444 a man's G2190 foes G3615 shall be they of G846 his own G3615 household.
  37 G5368 He that loveth G3962 father G2228 or G3384 mother G5228 more than G1691 me G2076 is G3756 not G514 worthy G3450 of me; G2532 and G5368 he that loveth G5207 son G2228 or G2364 daughter G5228 more than G1691 me G2076 is G3756 not G514 worthy G3450 of me.
  38 G2532 And G2983 he G3739 that G3756 doth not G2983 take G846 his G4716 cross G2532 and G190 follow G3694 after G3450 me, G2076 is G3756 not G514 worthy G3450 of me.
  39 G2147 He that findeth G846 his G5590 life G622 shall lose G846 it; G2532 and G622 he that loseth G846 his G5590 life G1752 for G1700 my G1752 sake G2147 shall find G846 it.
  40 G1209 He that receiveth G5209 you G1209 receiveth G1691 me, G2532 and G1209 he that receiveth G1691 me G1209 receiveth G649 him that sent G3165 me.
  41 G1209 He that receiveth G4396 a prophet G1519 in G3686 the name G4396 of a prophet G2983 shall receive G4396 a prophet's G3408 reward: G2532 and G1209 he that receiveth G1342 a righteous man G1519 in G3686 the name G1342 of a righteous man G2983 shall receive G1342 a righteous man's G3408 reward.
  42 G2532 And G3739 whosoever G1437 shall G4222 give to drink G3398 unto G1520 one of G5130 these G3398 little ones G4221 a cup G1520 of G5593 cold G3440 water only, G1519 in G3686 the name G3101 of a disciple, G3004 verily I say G5213 unto you G622 he shall G3756 in no G3361 wise G622 lose G846 his G3408 reward.