G1427 δώδεκα - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
twelve; the usual way in which the Twelve apostles of Jesus are referred to.
two and ten, i.e. a dozen
Derivation: from G1417 and G1176;

KJV Usage: twelve.

G1417 G1176
1) twelve
1a) the twelve apostles of Jesus, so called by way of eminence

From G1417 and G1176; two and ten, that is, a dozen

KJV Usage: twelve.

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First 30 of 59 occurrences of G1427 δώδεκα

Matthew 9:20 twelve
Matthew 10:1 twelve
Matthew 10:2 twelve
Matthew 10:5 twelve
Matthew 11:1 twelve
Matthew 14:20 twelve
Matthew 19:28 twelve
Matthew 19:28 the twelve
Matthew 20:17 the twelve
Matthew 26:14 of the twelve,
Matthew 26:20 the twelve.
Matthew 26:47 of the twelve,
Matthew 26:53 twelve
Mark 3:14 twelve,
Mark 4:10 the twelve
Mark 5:25 twelve
Mark 5:42 of the age of twelve
Mark 6:7 to him the twelve,
Mark 6:43 twelve
Mark 8:19 Twelve.
Mark 9:35 the twelve,
Mark 10:32 the twelve,
Mark 11:11 the twelve.
Mark 14:10 of the twelve,
Mark 14:17 the twelve.
Mark 14:20 the twelve,
Mark 14:43 of the twelve,
Luke 2:42 twelve
Luke 6:13 twelve,
Luke 8:1 the twelve

Distinct usage

34 twelve
8 the twelve
6 the twelve,
5 of the twelve,
4 the twelve.
3 twelve,
1 of the age of twelve
1 to him the twelve,
1 Twelve.
1 of the twelve.
1 to the twelve,
1 begat the twelve
1 by the twelve:
1 to the twelve
1 of twelve
1 the names of the twelve
1 of the twelve
1 were twelve