G4221 ποτήριον - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
a drinking-cup, wine-cup
a drinking cup
a drinking cup, the contents of the cup; fig: the portion which God allots.
a drinking-vessel; by extension, the contents thereof, i.e. a cupful (draught); figuratively, a lot or fate
Derivation: neuter of a derivative of the alternate of G4095;

KJV Usage: cup.

1) a cup, a drinking vessel
2) metaph. one's lot or experience, whether joyous or adverse, divine appointments, whether favourable or unfavourable, are likened to a cup which God presents one to drink: so of prosperity and adversity

Neuter of a derivative of the alternate of G4095; a drinking vessel; by extension the contents thereof, that is, a cupful (draught); figuratively a lot or fate

KJV Usage: cup.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

poterion H3563 kos
poterion H3627 keli
poterion H6907 qubbaat