G1752 ἕνεκα - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
on account of, for the sake of, because of, for
for the sake of, on account of, wherefore
for the sake of, on account of, on account of which, wherefore, on account of what, why.
or ἕνεκεν or εἵνεκεν on account of
Derivation: of uncertain affinity;

KJV Usage: because, for (cause, sake), (where-)fore, by reason of, that.

ἕνεκα, εἵνεκεν
because of
ἕνεκα (so
Refs Mat.19:5, Luk.6:22, Act.19:32 26:21
; elsewhere, prop, only before a vowel, ἕνεκεν; εἵνεκεν, originally Ionic:
Refs Luk.4:18 18:29, Act.28:20, 2Co.3:10
prep. with genitive,
on account of, because of:
Refs Mat.5:10-11 16:25 19:29, Mrk.8:35, Luk.6:22, Act.28:20, Rom.8:36, 2Co.3:10
; ἕ. τούτου, Mat.19:5; υούτων, Act.26:21; τίνος ἕ., Act.19:32; before τοῦ, with inf., 2Co.7:12; οὗ ἕν., Luk.4:18
1) on account of, for the sake of, for
2) for this cause, therefore

ἕνεκα, ἕνεκεν, εἵνεκεν
heneka heneken heineken
hen'-ek-ah, hen'-ek-en, hi'-nek-en
Of uncertain affinity; on account of

KJV Usage: because, for (cause, sake), (where-) fore, by reason of, that.

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28 occurrences of G1752 ἕνεκα

Matthew 5:10 for
Matthew 5:11 because of
Matthew 10:18 for my
Matthew 10:39 sake
Matthew 16:25 for
Matthew 16:25 sake
Matthew 19:5 cause
Matthew 19:29 sake,
Mark 8:35 for
Mark 10:7 For this cause
Mark 10:29 sake,
Mark 13:9 sake,
Luke 4:18 because
Luke 6:22 sake.
Luke 9:24 sake,
Luke 18:29 for
Luke 18:29 the sake
Luke 21:12 for
Luke 21:12 sake.
Acts 19:32 why
Acts 26:21 For
Acts 28:20 you: because that
Romans 8:36 sake
Romans 14:20 For the sake of
2 Corinthians 3:10 by reason
2 Corinthians 7:12 for his cause
2 Corinthians 7:12 for his cause
2 Corinthians 7:12 that

Distinct usage

6 for
4 sake,
3 sake
2 sake.
2 for his cause
1 because of
1 cause
1 For this cause
1 the sake
1 you: because that
1 by reason
1 that
1 For the sake of
1 why
1 for my
1 because

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G1752 ἕνεκα