G281 ἀμήν - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
verily, of a truth, so be it
verily, truly, amen, so let it be
verily, truly, amen; at the end of sentences may be paraphrased by: So let it be.
properly, firm, i.e. (figuratively) trustworthy; adverbially, surely (often as interjection, so be it)
Derivation: of Hebrew origin (H543);

KJV Usage: amen, verily.

1) firm
1a) metaph. faithful
2) verily, amen
2a) at the beginning of a discourse - surely, truly, of a truth
2b) at the end - so it is, so be it, may it be fulfilled. It was a custom, which passed over from the synagogues to the Christian assemblies, that when he who had read or discoursed, had offered up solemn prayer to God, the others responded Amen, and thus made the substance of what was uttered their own.

Of Hebrew origin [H543]; properly firm, that is, (figuratively) trustworthy; adverbially surely (often as interjection so be it)

KJV Usage: amen, verily.

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First 30 of 126 occurrences of G281 ἀμήν

Matthew 5:18 verily
Matthew 5:26 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 6:2 Verily
Matthew 6:5 Verily
Matthew 6:13 Amen.
Matthew 6:16 Verily
Matthew 8:10 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 10:15 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 10:23 verily
Matthew 10:42 verily
Matthew 11:11 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 13:17 verily
Matthew 16:28 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 17:20 verily
Matthew 18:3 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 18:13 verily
Matthew 18:18 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 19:23 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 19:28 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 21:21 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 21:31 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 23:36 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 24:2 verily
Matthew 24:34 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 24:47 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 25:12 Verily
Matthew 25:40 Verily
Matthew 25:45 Verily
Matthew 26:13 {\cf6 Verily
Matthew 26:21 {\cf6 Verily

Distinct usage

45 Amen.
32 {\cf6 Verily
27 verily,
23 {\cf6 Verily,
19 verily
2 Amen;
1 Amen
1 Amen,
1 the Amen,
1 Amen:

Corresponding Hebrew Words

amen H543 amen
amen H6004 aman