1 Samuel 17

  1 H6430 Now the Philistines H622 [H8799] gathered together H4264 their armies H4421 to battle, H622 [H8735] and were gathered together H7755 at Shochoh, H3063 which belongeth to Judah, H2583 [H8799] and encamped H7755 between Shochoh H5825 and Azekah, H658 in Ephesdammim.
  2 H7586 And Saul H376 and the men H3478 of Israel H622 [H8738] were gathered together, H2583 [H8799] and encamped H6010 by the valley H425 of Elah, H4421 and they set the battle H6186 [H8799] in array H7125 [H8800] against H6430 the Philistines.
  3 H6430 And the Philistines H5975 [H8802] stood H2022 on a mountain H3478 on the one side, and Israel H5975 [H8802] stood H2022 on a mountain H1516 on the other side: and there was a valley between them.
  4 H3318 [H8799] And there went out H376 H1143 a champion H4264 from the camp H6430 of the Philistines, H8034 named H1555 Goliath, H1661 of Gath, H1363 whose height H8337 was six H520 cubits H2239 and a span.
  5 H3553 And he had an helmet H5178 of brass H7218 upon his head, H3847 [H8803] and he was armed H8302 with a coat H7193 of mail; H4948 and the weight H8302 of the coat H2568 was five H505 thousand H8255 shekels H5178 of brass.
  6 H4697 And he had greaves H5178 of brass H7272 upon his legs, H3591 and a gorget H5178 of brass H3802 between his shoulders.
  7 H6086 H2671 [H8675] And the staff H2595 of his spear H707 [H8802] was like a weaver's H4500 beam; H2595 and his spear's H3852 head H8337 weighed six H3967 hundred H8255 shekels H1270 of iron: H5375 [H8802] and one bearing H6793 a shield H1980 [H8802] went H6440 at the face of him.
  8 H5975 [H8799] And he stood H7121 [H8799] and called H4634 to the armies H3478 of Israel, H559 [H8799] and said H3318 [H8799] to them, Why have ye come out H4421 to set your battle H6186 [H8800] in array? H6430 am not I a Philistine, H5650 and ye servants H7586 to Saul? H1262 [H8798] choose H376 for yourselves a man H3381 [H8799] for you, and let him come down to me.
  9 H3201 [H8799] If he shall be able H3898 [H8736] to fight H5221 [H8689] with me, and to kill H5650 me, then will we be your servants: H3201 [H8799] but if I shall prevail H5221 [H8689] against him, and kill H5650 him, then shall ye be our servants, H5647 [H8804] and serve us.
  10 H6430 And the Philistine H559 [H8799] said, H2778 [H8765] I defy H4634 the armies H3478 of Israel H3117 this day; H5414 [H8798] give H376 me a man, H3898 [H8735] that we may fight H3162 together.
  11 H7586 When Saul H3478 and all Israel H8085 [H8799] heard H1697 those words H6430 of the Philistine, H2865 [H8735] they were dismayed, H3966 and greatly H3372 [H8799] afraid.
  12 H1732 Now David H1121 was the son H376 H673 of that Ephrathite H1035 H3063 of Bethlehemjudah, H8034 whose name H3448 was Jesse; H8083 and he had eight H1121 sons: H376 and the man H935 [H8804] went H582 among men H2204 [H8804] for an old man H3117 in the days H7586 of Saul.
  13 H7969 And the three H1419 eldest H1121 sons H3448 of Jesse H3212 [H8799] went H310 and followed H7586 Saul H4421 to the battle: H8034 and the names H7969 of his three H1121 sons H1980 [H8804] that went H4421 to the battle H446 were Eliab H1060 the firstborn, H4932 and next H41 to him Abinadab, H7992 and the third H8048 Shammah.
  14 H1732 And David H6996 was the youngest: H7969 and the three H1419 eldest H1980 H310 [H8804] followed H7586 Saul.
  15 H1732 But David H1980 [H8802] went H7725 [H8802] and returned H7586 from Saul H7462 [H8800] to feed H1 his father's H6629 sheep H1035 at Bethlehem.
  16 H6430 And the Philistine H5066 [H8799] drew near H7925 [H8687] morning H6150 [H8687] and evening, H3320 [H8691] and presented H705 himself forty H3117 days.
  17 H3448 And Jesse H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David H1121 his son, H3947 [H8798] Take H251 now for thy brethren H374 an ephah H2088 of this H7039 roasted H6235 grain, and these ten H3899 loaves, H7323 [H8685] and run H4264 to the camp H251 to thy brethren;
  18 H935 [H8686] And carry H6235 these ten H2461 H2757 cheeses H8269 to the captain H505 of their thousand, H6485 [H8799] and see H251 how thy brethren H7965 fare, H3947 [H8799] and take H6161 their pledge.
  19 H7586 Now Saul, H376 and they, and all the men H3478 of Israel, H6010 were in the valley H425 of Elah, H3898 [H8737] fighting H6430 with the Philistines.
  20 H1732 And David H7925 [H8686] rose early H1242 in the morning, H5203 [H8799] and left H6629 the sheep H8104 [H8802] with a keeper, H5375 [H8799] and took, H3212 [H8799] and went, H3448 as Jesse H6680 [H8765] had commanded H935 [H8799] him; and he came H4570 to the trench, H2428 as the host H3318 [H8802] was going forth H4634 to the fight, H7321 [H8689] and shouted H4421 for the battle.
  21 H3478 For Israel H6430 and the Philistines H6186 [H8799] had put the battle in array, H4634 army H7125 [H8800] against H4634 army.
  22 H1732 And David H5203 [H8799] left H3627 his baggage H3027 in the hand H8104 [H8802] of the keeper H3627 of the baggage, H7323 [H8799] and ran H4634 into the army, H935 [H8799] and came H7592 H7965 [H8799] and greeted H251 his brethren.
  23 H1696 [H8764] And as he talked H5927 [H8802] with them, behold, there came up H376 H1143 the champion, H6430 the Philistine H1661 of Gath, H1555 Goliath H8034 by name, H4634 H4630 [H8675] from the armies H6430 of the Philistines, H1696 [H8762] and spoke H428 according to the same H1697 words: H1732 and David H8085 [H8799] heard them.
  24 H376 And all the men H3478 of Israel, H7200 [H8800] when they saw H376 the man, H5127 [H8799] fled H6440 from him, H3966 and were exceedingly H3372 [H8799] afraid.
  25 H376 And the men H3478 of Israel H559 [H8799] said, H7200 [H8804] Have ye seen H376 this man H5927 [H8802] that hath come up? H2778 [H8763] surely to defy H3478 Israel H5927 [H8802] hath he come: H376 and it shall be, that the man H5221 [H8686] who shall kill H4428 him, the king H6238 [H8686] will enrich H1419 him with great H6239 riches, H5414 [H8799] and will give H1323 him his daughter, H6213 [H8799] and make H1 his father's H1004 house H2670 free H3478 in Israel.
  26 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] spoke H582 to the men H5975 [H8802] that stood H559 [H8800] by him, saying, H6213 [H8735] What shall be done H376 to the man H5221 [H8686] that killeth H1975 this H6430 Philistine, H5493 [H8689] and taketh away H2781 the reproach H3478 from Israel? H6189 for who is this uncircumcised H6430 Philistine, H2778 [H8765] that he should defy H4634 the armies H2416 of the living H430 God?
  27 H5971 And the people H559 [H8799] answered H1697 him after this manner, H559 [H8800] saying, H6213 [H8735] So shall it be done H376 to the man H5221 [H8686] that killeth him.
  28 H446 And Eliab H1419 his eldest H251 brother H8085 [H8799] heard H1696 [H8763] when he spoke H582 to the men; H446 and Eliab's H639 anger H2734 [H8799] was kindled H1732 against David, H559 [H8799] and he said, H3381 [H8804] Why camest thou down H5203 [H8804] here? and with whom hast thou left H2007 those H4592 few H6629 sheep H4057 in the wilderness? H3045 [H8804] I know H2087 thy pride, H7455 and the naughtiness H3824 of thy heart; H3381 [H8804] for thou art come down H7200 [H8800] that thou mayest see H4421 the battle.
  29 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said, H6213 [H8804] What have I now done? H1697 Is there not a cause?
  30 H5437 [H8735] And he turned H681 from him H4136 toward H312 another, H559 [H8799] and spoke H1697 after the same manner: H5971 and the people H1697 answered H7725 [H8686] him again H7223 after the former H1697 manner.
  31 H1697 And when the words H8085 [H8735] were heard H1732 which David H1696 [H8765] spoke, H5046 [H8686] they reported H6440 them at the face of H7586 Saul: H3947 [H8799] and he sent for him.
  32 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said H7586 to Saul, H120 Let no man's H3820 heart H5307 [H8799] fail H5650 because of him; thy servant H3212 [H8799] will go H3898 [H8738] and fight H6430 with this Philistine.
  33 H7586 And Saul H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H3201 [H8799] Thou art not able H3212 [H8800] to go H6430 against this Philistine H3898 [H8736] to fight H5288 with him: for thou art but a youth, H376 and he a man H4421 of war H5271 from his youth.
  34 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said H7586 to Saul, H5650 Thy servant H7462 [H8802] kept H1 his father's H6629 sheep, H935 [H8804] and there came H738 a lion, H1677 and a bear, H5375 [H8804] and took H7716 H2089 [H8675] a lamb H5739 out of the flock:
  35 H3318 [H8804] And I went H310 after H5221 [H8689] him, and smote H5337 [H8689] him, and delivered H6310 it out of his mouth: H6965 [H8799] and when he arose H2388 [H8689] against me, I caught H2206 him by his beard, H5221 [H8689] and smote H4191 [H8689] him, and slew him.
  36 H5650 Thy servant H5221 [H8689] slew H738 both the lion H1677 and the bear: H6189 and this uncircumcised H6430 Philistine H259 shall be as one H2778 [H8765] of them, seeing he hath defied H4634 the armies H2416 of the living H430 God.
  37 H1732 David H559 [H8799] said H3068 moreover, The LORD H5337 [H8689] that delivered H3027 me out of the paw H738 of the lion, H3027 and out of the paw H1677 of the bear, H5337 [H8686] he will deliver H3027 me out of the hand H6430 of this Philistine. H7586 And Saul H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H3212 [H8798] Go, H3068 and the LORD be with thee.
  38 H7586 And Saul H3847 [H8686] armed H1732 David H4055 with his armour, H5414 [H8804] and he put H6959 an helmet H5178 of brass H7218 upon his head; H3847 [H8686] also he armed H8302 him with a coat of mail.
  39 H1732 And David H2296 [H8799] girded H2719 his sword H4055 upon his armour, H2974 [H8686] and he assayed H3212 [H8800] to go; H5254 [H8765] for he had not tested H1732 it. And David H559 [H8799] said H7586 to Saul, H3201 [H8799] I cannot H3212 [H8800] go H5254 [H8765] with these; for I have not tested H1732 them. And David H5493 [H8686] put them off from him.
  40 H3947 [H8799] And he took H4731 his staff H3027 in his hand, H977 [H8799] and chose H2568 for himself five H2512 smooth H68 stones H5158 out of the brook, H7760 [H8799] and put H7462 [H8802] them in a shepherd's H3627 bag H3219 which he had, even in a bag; H7050 and his sling H3027 was in his hand: H5066 [H8799] and he drew near H6430 to the Philistine.
  41 H6430 And the Philistine H3212 H1980 [H8799] advanced H7131 and drew near H1732 to David; H376 and the man H5375 [H8802] that bore H6793 the shield H6440 went at the face of him.
  42 H6430 And when the Philistine H5027 [H8686] looked about, H7200 [H8799] and saw H1732 David, H959 [H8799] he disdained H5288 him: for he was a youth, H132 and ruddy, H3303 and of a fair H4758 countenance.
  43 H6430 And the Philistine H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H3611 Am I a dog, H935 [H8802] that thou comest H4731 to me with staffs? H6430 And the Philistine H7043 [H8762] cursed H1732 David H430 by his gods.
  44 H6430 And the Philistine H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H3212 [H8798] Come H5414 [H8799] to me, and I will give H1320 thy flesh H5775 to the fowls H8064 of the heaven, H929 and to the beasts H7704 of the field.
  45 H559 [H8799] Then said H1732 David H6430 to the Philistine, H935 [H8802] Thou comest H2719 to me with a sword, H2595 and with a spear, H3591 and with a shield: H935 [H8802] but I come H8034 to thee in the name H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts, H430 the God H4634 of the armies H3478 of Israel, H2778 [H8765] whom thou hast defied.
  46 H3117 This day H3068 will the LORD H5462 [H8762] deliver H3027 thee into my hand; H5221 [H8689] and I will smite H5493 [H8689] thee, and take H7218 thy head H5414 [H8804] from thee; and I will give H6297 the carcases H4264 of the host H6430 of the Philistines H3117 this day H5775 to the fowls H8064 of the heaven, H2416 and to the wild beasts H776 of the earth; H776 that all the earth H3045 [H8799] may know H3426 that there is H430 a God H3478 in Israel.
  47 H6951 And all this congregation H3045 [H8799] shall know H3068 that the LORD H3467 [H8686] liberateth H2719 not with sword H2595 and spear: H4421 for the battle H3068 is the LORD'S, H5414 [H8804] and he will give H3027 you into our hands.
  48 H6430 And it came to pass, when the Philistine H6965 [H8804] arose, H3212 [H8799] and came H7126 [H8799] and drew near H7125 [H8800] to meet H1732 David, H1732 that David H4116 [H8762] hasted, H7323 [H8799] and ran H4634 toward the army H7125 [H8800] to meet H6430 the Philistine.
  49 H1732 And David H7971 [H8799] put H3027 his hand H3627 in his bag, H3947 [H8799] and took H68 from there a stone, H7049 [H8762] and slung H5221 [H8686] it with his sling, and smote H6430 the Philistine H4696 in his forehead, H68 that the stone H2883 [H8799] sunk H4696 into his forehead; H5307 [H8799] and he fell H6440 upon his face H776 to the earth.
  50 H1732 So David H2388 [H8799] prevailed H4480 over H6430 the Philistine H7050 with a sling H68 and with a stone, H5221 [H8686] and smote H6430 the Philistine, H4191 [H8686] and slew H2719 him; but there was no sword H3027 in the hand H1732 of David.
  51 H1732 Therefore David H7323 [H8799] ran, H5975 [H8799] and stood H6430 upon the Philistine, H3947 [H8799] and took H2719 his sword, H8025 [H8799] and drew H8593 it out of its sheath, H4191 [H8787] and slew H3772 [H8799] him, and cut off H7218 his head H6430 with it. And when the Philistines H7200 [H8799] saw H1368 their champion H4191 [H8804] was dead, H5127 [H8799] they fled.
  52 H582 And the men H3478 of Israel H3063 and of Judah H6965 [H8799] arose, H7321 [H8686] and shouted, H7291 [H8799] and pursued H6430 the Philistines, H935 [H8800] to the entrance H1516 of the valley, H8179 and to the gates H6138 of Ekron. H2491 And the wounded H6430 of the Philistines H5307 [H8799] fell down H1870 by the way H8189 to Shaaraim, H1661 even to Gath, H6138 and to Ekron.
  53 H1121 And the sons H3478 of Israel H7725 [H8799] returned H1814 H310 [H8800] from chasing H6430 the Philistines, H8155 [H8799] and they plundered H4264 their tents.
  54 H1732 And David H3947 [H8799] took H7218 the head H6430 of the Philistine, H935 [H8686] and brought H3389 it to Jerusalem; H7760 [H8804] but he put H3627 his armour H168 in his tent.
  55 H7586 And when Saul H7200 [H8800] saw H1732 David H3318 [H8802] go forth H7125 [H8800] against H6430 the Philistine, H559 [H8804] he said H74 to Abner, H8269 the captain H6635 of the host, H74 Abner, H1121 whose son H5288 is this youth? H74 And Abner H559 [H8799] said, H5315 As thy breath H2416 liveth, H4428 O king, H518 I cannot H3045 [H8804] tell.
  56 H4428 And the king H559 [H8799] said, H7592 [H8798] Enquire H1121 thou whose son H5958 the stripling is.
  57 H1732 And as David H7725 [H8800] returned H5221 [H8687] from the slaughter H6430 of the Philistine, H74 Abner H3947 [H8799] took H935 [H8686] him, and brought H6440 him at the face of H7586 Saul H7218 with the head H6430 of the Philistine H3027 in his hand.
  58 H7586 And Saul H559 [H8799] said H1121 to him, Whose son H5288 art thou, thou young man? H1732 And David H559 [H8799] answered, H1121 I am the son H5650 of thy servant H3448 Jesse H1022 the Bethlehemite.