H6793 צנּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H6791; a hook (as pointed); also a (large) shield (as if guarding by prickliness); also cold (as piercing)

KJV Usage: buckler, cold, hook, shield, target.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. something piercing, hook, barb
a. meaning dubious
2. coolness, cold (of snow)
3. shield, large shield, buckler
a. shield
Origin: from H6791
TWOT: 1936b,1937a,1938a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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22 occurrences of H6793 צנּה

1 Samuel 17:7 a shield
1 Samuel 17:41 the shield
1 Kings 10:16 shields
1 Kings 10:16 shield.
1 Chronicles 12:8 shield
1 Chronicles 12:24 shield
1 Chronicles 12:34 and with them with shield
2 Chronicles 9:15 shields
2 Chronicles 9:15 shield.
2 Chronicles 11:12 he put shields
2 Chronicles 14:8 shields
2 Chronicles 25:5 and shield.
Psalms 5:12 him as with a shield.
Psalms 35:2 and buckler,
Psalms 91:4 shall be thy shield
Proverbs 25:13 As the cold
Jeremiah 46:3 and shield,
Ezekiel 23:24 against thee buckler
Ezekiel 26:8 the buckler
Ezekiel 38:4 with bucklers
Ezekiel 39:9 and the bucklers,
Amos 4:2 with hooks,

Distinct usage

3 shields
2 shield.
2 shield
1 and with them with shield
1 he put shields
1 and shield.
1 and buckler,
1 shall be thy shield
1 and shield,
1 the buckler
1 and the bucklers,
1 with hooks,
1 As the cold
1 with bucklers
1 him as with a shield.
1 a shield
1 the shield
1 against thee buckler

Corresponding Greek Words

tsinnah G1841 ex odos
tsinnah G2375 thureos
tsinnah G3696 hoplon

Related words


H6791 צן tsên

From an unused root meaning to be prickly; a thorn; hence a cactus hedge

KJV Usage: thorn.

H6796 צנן צנין tsânı̂yn tsânin
צנן צנין
tsânı̂yn tsânin
tsaw-neen', tsaw-neen
From the same as H6791; a thorn

KJV Usage: thorn.

H6803 צנצנת tsintseneth
From the same as H6791; a vase (probably a vial tapering at the top)

KJV Usage: pot.