H4731 מקּלה מקּל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מקּלה מקּל
maqqêl maqqe lâh
mak-kale', mak-kel-aw'
From an unused root meaning apparently to germinate; a shoot, that is, stick (with leaves on, or for walking, striking, guiding, divining)

KJV Usage: rod, ([hand-]) staff.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


מקּלה מקּל

1. rod, staff
a. rod, stick
b. staff (in travel)
c. wand (of diviner)
Origin: from an unused root meaning apparently to germinate
TWOT: 1236
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) rod, staff
1a) rod, stick
1b) staff (in travel)
1c) wand (of diviner)

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18 occurrences of H4731 מקּלה מקּל

Genesis 30:37 to him rods
Genesis 30:37 which was in the rods.
Genesis 30:38 the rods
Genesis 30:39 before the rods,
Genesis 30:41 the rods
Genesis 30:41 among the rods.
Genesis 32:10 for with my staff
Exodus 12:11 and your staff
Numbers 22:27 with a staff.
1 Samuel 17:40 his staff
1 Samuel 17:43 to me with staffs?
Jeremiah 1:11 a rod
Jeremiah 48:17 rod!
Ezekiel 39:9 and the javelins,
Hosea 4:12 and their staff
Zechariah 11:7 staffs;
Zechariah 11:10 my staff,
Zechariah 11:14 staff,

Distinct usage

2 the rods
1 to him rods
1 which was in the rods.
1 before the rods,
1 among the rods.
1 for with my staff
1 and your staff
1 his staff
1 to me with staffs?
1 a rod
1 rod!
1 and the javelins,
1 and their staff
1 staffs;
1 my staff,
1 staff,
1 with a staff.

Corresponding Greek Words

maqqel G4464 rhabdos

Related words

H4731 מקּלה מקּל

H4732 מקלות miqlôth
Plural of (feminine) H4731; rods; Mikloth, a place in the Desert

KJV Usage: Mikloth.