1 Samuel 17

ECB(i) 1
And the Peleshethiy gather their camps to war; and gather at Sochoh of Yah Hudah; and encamp between Sochoh and between Azeqah in Ephes Dammim: 2 and Shaul and the men of Yisra El gather and encamp by the valley of Elah and line up for war to meet the Peleshethiy. 3 And the Peleshethiy stand on a mountain on this side; and Yisra El stands on a mountain on that side with a valley between. 4 And a man of double size, named Golyath, of Gath, comes from the camp of the Peleshethiy; his height is six cubits and a span; 5 and he has a helmet of copper on his head and he is enrobed with a habergeon of mail; and the weight of the habergeon, five thousand shekels of copper: 6 and he has shinguards of copper on his feet and a dart of copper between his shoulders; 7 and the timber of his spear is as the beam of a weaver; and the blade of his spear is six hundred shekels of iron: and one bearing a shield goes at his face. 8 And he stands and calls out to the ranks of Yisra El and says to them, Why go you to line up for war? am not I a Peleshethiy and you servants to Shaul? Cut a man of yours and descend him to me: 9 if he is able to fight me and to smite me, then we become your servants: and if I prevail against him and smite him, then you become our servants and serve us. 10 And the Peleshethiy say, I reproach the ranks of Yisra El this day; give me a man, to fight together. 11 And Shaul and all Yisra El hear the words of the Peleshethiy, and they are terrified and mighty awed. 12 And David is a son of a man - an Ephrathiy of Beth Lechem Yah Hudah, his name is Yishay; and he has eight sons: and the man goes among men for an old man in the days of Shaul. 13 And the three greatest sons of Yishay go - go after Shaul to the war: and the names of his three sons who go to the war are Eli Ab the firstbirthed and second Abi Nadab and the third Shammah; 14 and David is the youngest: and the three greatest go after Shaul: 15 but David goes and returns from Shaul to tend the flock of his father at Beth Lechem. 16 And the Peleshethiy draws near starting early and evening and sets himself forty days. 17 And Yishay says to David his son, Take now for your brothers an ephah of this parched and these ten bread and run to the camp of your brothers; 18 and carry these ten slices of milk to the governor of their thousand and visit your brothers for shalom and take their pledge. 19 Now Shaul and they and all the men of Yisra El are in the valley of Elah fighting the Peleshethiy: 20 and David starts early in the morning and leaves the flock with a guard; and lifts and goes as Yishay misvahs him: and he comes to the route, as the valiant go forth to the ranks and shout for the war: 21 and Yisra El and the Peleshethiy line up - ranks meeting ranks. 22 And David leaves his instrument in the hand of the guard of the instrument; and runs into the ranks and comes and asks his brothers of shalom: 23 and as he words with them, behold, the man of double size ascends from the ranks of the Peleshethiy - the Peleshethiy of Gath, Golyath by name, and he words these words; and David hears. 24 And all the men of Yisra El see the man, and they flee his face mightily awed: 25 and the men - the Yisra Eliy say, See you this man who ascends? He ascends to reproach Yisra El: and so be it, the man who smites him, the sovereign enriches him with great riches and gives him his daughter and works to liberate the house of his father in Yisra El. 26 And David says to the men who stand by him, saying, What work you to the man who smites this Peleshethiy and turns aside the reproach from Yisra El? Who is this uncircumcised Peleshethiy, to reproach the ranks of the living Elohim? 27 And the people say to him after this word, saying, Thus be it worked to the man who kills him. 28 And Eli Ab his greatest brother hears when he words to the men; and Eli Ab kindles his wrath against David, and he says, Why descend you hither? And with whom leave you those few flock in the wilderness? I know your arrogance and the evil of your heart; for you descend to see the war. 29 And David says, What work I now? Is there no word? 30 and he turns from beside him toward another and says after the same word: and the people return word as the former word: 31 and they hear the words David words; and they tell them at the face of Shaul: and he takes him. 32 And David says to Shaul, O that no human heart fall because of him; your servant goes and fights this Peleshethiy. 33 And Shaul says to David, You are not able to go fight this Peleshethiy: for you are a lad; and he a man of war from his youth. 34 And David says to Shaul, As your servant tends the flock of his father, a lion and a bear came and lifted a lamb from the drove: 35 and I went out after him and smote him and rescued it from his mouth: and he rose against me, and I held him by his beard and smote him and deathified him: 36 your servant smote both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Peleshethiy becomes as one of them, seeing he reproaches the ranks of the living Elohim. 37 And David says, Yah Veh who rescued me from the hand of the lion and from the hand of the bear - he rescues me from the hand of this Peleshethiy. And Shaul says to David, Go! And Yah Veh be with you! 38 And Shaul enrobes David with his uniform and gives a helmet of copper on his head; and he enrobes him with a habergeon of mail: 39 and David girds his sword on his uniform and he wills to go without testing. And David says to Shaul, I cannot go with these; for I have not tested them. And David turns them aside; 40 and he takes his staff in his hand and chooses five smooth stones from the wadi and sets them in the instrument of the tender he has in a pouch; and his sling is in his hand: and he draws near the Peleshethiy: 41 and in walking, the Peleshethiy walks and approaches David; and the man bearing the shield at his face. 42 And the Peleshethiy looks around and sees David; and he despises him: for he is a lad and ruddy and of a handsome visage. 43 And the Peleshethiy says to David, Am I a dog, that you come to me with staves? - and the Peleshethiy belittles David by his elohim. 44 And the Peleshethiy says to David, Come to me and I give your flesh to the flyers of the heavens and to the animals of the field. 45 Then says David to the Peleshethiy, You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a dart: but I come to you in the name of Yah Veh Sabaoth - Elohim of the ranks of Yisra El whom you reproach. 46 This day Yah Veh shuts you into my hand; and I smite you and turn aside your head from you: and this day I give the carcases of the camp of the Peleshethiy to the flyers of the heavens and to the live beings of the earth; so that all the earth knows there is an Elohim in Yisra El: 47 and all this congregation know that Yah Veh saves not with sword and spear: for the war is to Yah Veh and he gives you into our hands. 48 And so be it, the Peleshethiy rises, and comes and approaches to meet David, and David hastens and runs toward the ranks to meet the Peleshethiy: 49 and David spreads his hand in his instrument and he takes a stone from it and slings it and smites the Peleshethiy in his forehead so that the stone sinks into his forehead; and he falls on his face to the earth. 50 And David prevails over the Peleshethiy with a sling and with a stone and smites the Peleshethiy and deathifies him; and there is no sword in the hand of David: 51 and David runs and stands on the Peleshethiy and takes his sword and draws it from its sheath and deathifies him and cuts off his head therewith. And the Peleshethiy see their mighty died and they flee: 52 and the men of Yisra El and of Yah Hudah rise and shout and pursue the Peleshethiy until you come to the valley and to the portals of Eqron: and the pierced of the Peleshethiy descend by the way to Shaarayim - to Gath and to Eqron: 53 and the sons of Yisra El return from hotly pursuing the Peleshethiy and plunder their camps: 54 and David takes the head of the Peleshethiy and brings it to Yeru Shalem; and he sets his instruments in his tent. 55 And Shaul sees David going to meet the Peleshethiy; and he says to Abi Ner the governor of the host, Abi Ner, whose son is this lad? And Abi Ner says, As your soul lives, O sovereign, I know not. 56 And the sovereign says, Ask whose son the lad is. 57 And David returns from smiting the Peleshethiy, and Abi Ner takes him and brings him at the face of Shaul with the head of the Peleshethiy in his hand. 58 And Shaul says to him, Whose son are you, lad? And David says, I am the son of your servant Yishay the Beth Lechemiy.