1 Samuel 16

ECB(i) 1
And Yah Veh says to Shemu El, How long mourn you for Shaul, seeing I refuse him to reign over Yisra El? Fill your horn with oil and go! I send you to Yishay the Beth Lechemiy: for I see a sovereign among his sons. 2 And Shemu El says, How go I? When Shaul hears, he slaughters me. And Yah Veh says, Take a heifer of the ox in your hand and say, I come to sacrifice to Yah Veh; 3 and call Yishay to the sacrifice and I have you know what to work: and anoint to me whom I say to you. 4 And Shemu El works what Yah Veh words and comes to Beth Lechem: and the elders of the city tremble to meet him and say, Come you in shalom? 5 And he says, I come in shalom to sacrifice to Yah Veh: hallow yourselves and come with me to the sacrifice. - and he hallows Yishay and his sons and calls them to the sacrifice. 6 And so be it, they come, and he sees Eli Ab and says, Surely the anointed of Yah Veh is in front of him. 7 And Yah Veh says to Shemu El, Look not on his visage or on the height of his height; because I refuse him: - not as humanity sees; for humanity sees the eyes and Yah Veh sees the heart. 8 Then Yishay calls Abi Nadab and passes him at the face of Shemu El: and he says, Yah Veh chooses not this. 9 Then Yishay passes Shammah by. And he says, Yah Veh chooses not this. 10 Again, Yishay passes seven of his sons at the face of Shemu El: and Shemu El says to Yishay, Yah Veh chooses not these. 11 And Shemu El says to Yishay, Are these all your integrious lads? And he says, There survives yet the youngest; and behold, he tends the flock. And Shemu El says to Yishay, Send and take him: for we turn not around until he comes hither. 12
And he sends and brings him in: and he is ruddy and of beautiful eyes and goodly to see. And Yah Veh says, Rise! Anoint him! For this is he. 13 Then Shemu El takes the horn of oil, and anoints him midst his brothers: and the Spirit of Yah Veh prospers on David from that day onward. - and Shemu El rises and goes to Ramah. 14
The Spirit of Yah Veh turns aside from Shaul and an evil spirit from Yah Veh frightens him. 15 And Shaul's servants say to him, Behold now, an evil spirit from Elohim frightens you. 16 Have our adoni say to your servants at your face to seek out a man - a knowing strummer on a harp: and so be it, when the evil spirit from Elohim is on you, that he strum with his hand and it is good. 17 And Shaul says to his servants, See for me a man well-prepared and a good strummer and bring him to me. 18 And one of the lads answers and says, Behold, I saw a son of Yishay the Beth Lechemiy - a knowledgeable strummer and mighty valiant and a man of war - discerning in words and a man of form and Yah Veh is with him. 19 And Shaul sends angels to Yishay and says, Send me David your son, who is with the flock. 20 And Yishay takes a he burro with bread and a skin of wine and one doe goat and sends them by the hand of David his son to Shaul: 21 and David comes to Shaul and stands at his face; and he loves him mightily: and he becomes his instrument bearer. 22 And Shaul sends to Yishay, saying, O that David, I beseech you, stand at my face; for he finds charism in my eyes. 23 And so be it, the spirit from Elohim is on Shaul, and David takes a harp and strums with his hand: so that Shaul respires and is good; and the evil spirit turns aside from him.