ECB(i) 1
And so be it, in the days the judges judge, a famine is in the land. And a man of Beth Lechem Yah Hudah goes to sojourn in the fields of Moab; he and his woman and his two sons. 2 And the name of the man, Eli Melech and the name of his woman, Noomiy and the name of his two sons, Machlon and Kilyon - Ephrathiym of Beth Lechem Yah Hudah. And they come into the fields of Moab and continue there. 3 And Eli Melech, the man of Noomiy dies; and she and her two sons survive. 4 And they birth women of Moab; the name of the one, Orpah and the name of the second, Ruth; and they settle there about ten years. 5 And both Machlon and Kilyon also die; and the woman survives her two children and her man. 6 And she rises with her daughters in law, to return from the fields of Moab: for she heard that Yah Veh visits his people in the fields of Moab in giving them bread. 7 So she goes with her two daughters in law from the place she was; and they go on the way to return to the land of Yah Hudah. 8 And Noomiy says to her two daughters in law, Go, each woman, return to the house of your mother; Yah Veh work mercy with you, as you worked with the dead and with me. 9 Yah Veh give you to find rest, each woman in the house of her man. - and she kisses them. And they lift their voice and weep 10 and say to her, Surely we return with you to your people. 11 And Noomiy says, Turn back, my daughters! Why go with me? Are there yet sons in my inwards to be your men? 12 Turn back, my daughters! Go! For I am too old to have a man. If I say, I have hope, and even have a man tonight and even birth sons 13 - await you them until they be grown? - ban yourselves from having men? No, my daughters; for it embitters me mightily for your sakes that the hand of Yah Veh goes against me. 14 And they lift their voice and weep again; and Orpah kisses her mother in law; and Ruth adheres to her; 15 and says, Behold, your sister in law returns to her people and to her elohim; you return after your sister in law. 16 And Ruth says, Intercede not that I leave you, or return from following after you; for where you go, I go; and where you stay overnight, I stay overnight; your people are my people and your Elohim, my Elohim; 17 where you die, I die and there I entomb; Yah Veh work to me and add also, if aught but death separate you and me. 18 And she sees that she strengthens herself to go with her; and she ceases wording to her. 19 And the two go until they come to Beth Lechem. And so be it, they come to Beth Lechem, and the whole city quakes about them and they say, Is this Noomiy? 20 And she says to them, Call me not Noomiy/Pleasant; call me Bitter; for Shadday has mightily embittered me. 21 I go out full and Yah Veh turns me back. Why call me Noomiy, seeing Yah Veh answers against me and Shadday vilifies me? 22 And Noomiy returns with her daughter in law, Ruth the Moabiyth who return from the fields of Moab; and they come to Beth Lechem in the beginning of barley harvest.