Judges 21

ECB(i) 1
And the men of Yisra El oath in Mispeh, saying, No man of us gives his daughter to Ben Yamin to woman. 2 And the people come to the house of Elohim and settle there until evening at the face of Elohim and lift their voices and weep a great weeping; 3 and say, O Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El, why becomes this in Yisra El, that today one scion is overlooked in Yisra El? 4 And so be it, on the morrow, the people start early and build there a sacrifice altar and holocaust holocausts and shelamim. 5 And the sons of Yisra El say, Who among all the scions of Yisra El ascends not with the congregation to Yah Veh? For a great oath became concerning him who ascends not to Yah Veh to Mispeh, saying, In deathifying, deathify him. 6 And the sons of Yisra El sigh for Ben Yamin their brother, and say, There is one scion cut off from Yisra El this day. 7 How work we women for them who remain, seeing we oathed by Yah Veh that we not give them of our daughters to women? 8 And they say, Which one of the scions of Yisra El ascended not to Mispeh to Yah Veh? And, behold, no man of Yabesh Gilad came to the camp to the congregation: 9 and the people muster themselves, and, behold, no man of the settlers of Yabesh Gilad. 10 And the witness sends twelve thousand men of the sons of valour, and misvahs them, saying, Go and smite the settlers of Yabesh Gilad with the women and the toddlers with the mouth of the sword: 11 and this is the word you work: devote every male and every woman having known bedding with a male. 12 And among the settlers of Yabesh Gilad they find four hundred lass virgins, who know no man by bedding with any male: and they bring them to the camp to Shiloh in the land of Kenaan: 13 and the whole witness sends and words to the sons of Ben Yamin in the rock Rimmon, and calls shalom to them. 14 And Ben Yamin returns at that time; and they give them women whom they saved alive of the women of Yabesh Gilad: and they still find not for them. 15 And the people sigh for Ben Yamin, because Yah Veh worked a breach in the scions of Yisra El. 16 Then the elders of the witness say, How work we women for them who remain, seeing the women of Ben Yamin are desolated? 17 And they say, A possession of the escapees is to Ben Yamin - that no scion of Yisra El becomes wiped out. 18 But we - we cannot give them women of our daughters: for the sons of Yisra El oathed, saying, Cursed - he who gives a woman to Ben Yamin. 19 Then they say, Behold, there is a celebration of Yah Veh from days by days in Shiloh north of Beth El toward the sun rising of the highway that ascends from Beth El to Shechem, and on the south of Lebonah. 20 And they misvah the sons of Ben Yamin, saying, Go and lurk in the vineyards; 21 and see, and behold, whether the daughters of Shiloh go and whirl in round dances; then every man goes from the vineyards and catches his woman of the daughters of Shiloh, and goes to the land of Ben Yamin. 22 And so be it, when their fathers or their brothers come to us to contend, we say unto them, Grant them charism for our sakes: because each man took not his woman in the war: for you gave neither them at that time, nor guilted. 23 And thus the sons of Ben Yamin work, and lift women, according to their number, of them who whirl, whom they strip: and they go and return to their inheritance and strengthen the cities and settle in them. 24 And the sons of Yisra El walk up and down at that time - every man to his scion and to his family; and from there, every man goes to his inheritance. 25 In those days there is no sovereign in Yisra El: every man works straight in his own eyes.