1 H3117 It happened in the days H8199 when the judges H8199 judged, H7458 that there was a famine H776 in the land. H376 A certain man H1035 of Bethlehem Judah H3212 went H1481 to live H7704 in the country H4124 of Moab, H802 he, and his wife, H8147 and his two H1121 sons.
  2 H8034 The name H376 of the man H458 was Elimelech, H8034 and the name H802 of his wife H5281 Naomi, H8034 and the name H8147 of his two H1121 sons H4248 Mahlon H3630 and Chilion, H673 Ephrathites H1035 of Bethlehem Judah. H935 They came H7704 into the country H4124 of Moab, and continued there.
  3 H458 Elimelech, H5281 Naomi's H376 husband, H4191 died; H7604 and she was left, H8147 and her two H1121 sons.
  4 H5375 They took H802 them wives H802 of the women H4125 of Moab; H8034 the name H259 of the one H6204 was Orpah, H8034 and the name H8145 of the other H7327 Ruth: H3427 and they lived H6235 there about ten H8141 years.
  5 H4248 Mahlon H3630 and Chilion H8147 both H4191 died, H802 and the woman H7604 was bereaved H8147 of her two H3206 children H376 and of her husband.
  6 H6965 Then she arose H3618 with her daughters-in-law, H7725 that she might return H7704 from the country H4124 of Moab: H8085 for she had heard H7704 in the country H4124 of Moab H3068 how that Yahweh H6485 had visited H5971 his people H5414 in giving H3899 them bread.
  7 H3318 She went forth H4725 out of the place H8147 where she was, and her two H3618 daughters-in-law H3212 with her; and they went H1870 on the way H7725 to return H776 to the land H3063 of Judah.
  8 H5281 Naomi H559 said H8147 to her two H3618 daughters-in-law, H3212 "Go, H7725 return H802 each H517 of you to her mother's H1004 house: H3068 Yahweh H6213 deal H2617 kindly H6213 with you, as you have dealt H4191 with the dead, and with me.
  9 H3068 Yahweh H5414 grant H4672 you that you may find H4496 rest, H802 each H1004 of you in the house H376 of her husband." H5401 Then she kissed H5375 them, and they lifted up H6963 their voice, H1058 and wept.
  10 H559 They said H7725 to her, "No, but we will return H5971 with you to your people."
  11 H5281 Naomi H559 said, H7725 "Go back, H1323 my daughters. H3212 Why do you want to go H1121 with me? Do I still have sons H4578 in my womb, H582 that they may be your husbands?
  12 H7725 Go back, H1323 my daughters, H3212 go H2204 your way; for I am too old H376 to have a husband. H559 If I should say, H3426 ‘I have H8615 hope,' H376 if I should even have a husband H3915 tonight, H3205 and should also bear H1121 sons;
  13 H7663 would you then wait H3860 until they H1431 were grown? H5702 Would you then refrain H3860 from H376 having husbands? H1323 No, my daughters, H4843 for it grieves H3966 me much H3027 for your sakes, for the hand H3068 of Yahweh H3318 has gone out against me."
  14 H5375 They lifted up H6963 their voice, H1058 and wept again: H6204 and Orpah H5401 kissed H2545 her mother-in-law, H1692 but Ruth joined with her.
  15 H559 She said, H2994 "Behold, your sister-in-law H7725 has gone back H5971 to her people, H430 and to her god. H7725 Follow H310 your H2994 sister-in-law."
  16 H559 Ruth said, H6293 "Don't entreat H5800 me to leave H7725 you, and to return H310 from following after H3212 you, for where you go, H3212 I will go; H3885 and where you lodge, H3885 I will lodge; H5971 your people H5971 shall be my people, H430 and your God H430 my God;
  17 H4191 where you die, H4191 will I die, H6912 and there will I be buried. H3068 Yahweh H6213 do H3254 so to me, and more H4194 also, if anything but death H6504 part you and me."
  18 H7200 When she saw H553 that she was steadfastly minded H3212 to go H2308 with her, she left H1696 off speaking to her.
  19 H8147 So they two H3212 went H935 until they came H1035 to Bethlehem. H935 It happened, when they had come H1035 to Bethlehem, H5892 that all the city H1949 was moved H559 about them, and they asked, H5281 "Is this Naomi?"
  20 H559 She said H7121 to them, "Don't call H5281 me Naomi. H7121 Call H4755 me Mara; H7706 for the Almighty H3966 has dealt very H4843 bitterly with me.
  21 H1980 I went out H4392 full, H3068 and Yahweh H7725 has brought me home again H7387 empty; H7121 why do you call H5281 me Naomi, H3068 since Yahweh H6030 has testified H7706 against me, and the Almighty H7489 has afflicted me?"
  22 H5281 So Naomi H7725 returned, H4125 and Ruth the Moabitess, H3618 her daughter-in-law, H7725 with her, who returned H7704 out of the country H4124 of Moab: H935 and they came H1035 to Bethlehem H8462 in the beginning H8184 of barley H7105 harvest.