H8145 שׁני - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H8138; properly double, that is, second; also adverbially again

KJV Usage: again, either [of them], (an-) other, second (time).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. second
a. second (the ordinal number)
b. again (a second time)
c. another, other (something as distinct from something else)
Origin: from H8138
TWOT: 2421b
Parts of Speech: Noun

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First 30 of 151 occurrences of H8145 שׁני

Genesis 1:8 were the second
Genesis 2:13 of the second
Genesis 4:19 of the other
Genesis 6:16 second,
Genesis 7:11 in the second
Genesis 8:14 And in the second
Genesis 22:15 the second time,
Genesis 30:7 a second
Genesis 30:12 a second
Genesis 32:19 the second,
Genesis 41:5 the second time:
Genesis 41:52 of the second
Genesis 47:18 to him the second
Exodus 1:15 of the other
Exodus 2:13 the second
Exodus 16:1 of the second
Exodus 25:12 in its other
Exodus 25:32 from the other
Exodus 26:4 of the second.
Exodus 26:5 of the second;
Exodus 26:10 the second.
Exodus 26:20 And for the second
Exodus 26:27 of the other
Exodus 27:15 And on the other
Exodus 28:10 on the other
Exodus 28:18 And the second
Exodus 29:19 the other
Exodus 29:39 and the other
Exodus 29:41 And the other
Exodus 36:11 of the second.

Distinct usage

14 the second
11 of the other
10 the second,
8 in the second
7 of the second
7 the second time,
6 the other
6 and the other
5 And the second
5 day of the second
5 another
3 a second
3 the second.
3 more:
3 And on the second
2 And in the second
2 of the second.
2 And for the other
2 On the second
2 for the other
2 the second time
2 came to me the second time,
2 again,
1 were the second
1 second,
1 the second time:
1 to him the second
1 in its other
1 from the other
1 of the second;
1 And for the second
1 And on the other
1 on the other
1 of the second:
1 upon its other
1 from its other
1 on him again
1 again:
1 in the second rank.
1 and another
1 the second time.
1 it on the second
1 even the second
1 that was by it, and the second
1 which was the second
1 And again,
1 which is the second
1 and so was it of the other
1 each
1 upon the other
1 of themselves, and in the second
1 and like these had the second
1 the second:
1 him, both the second
1 Now in the second
1 into the second
1 this second
1 of the second,
1 alone, and there is not a second;
1 for he hath not another

Corresponding Greek Words

sheni G2087 heteros
sheni G4618 siteutos