H4932 משׁנה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H8138; properly a repetition, that is, a duplicate (copy of a document), or a double (in amount); by implication a second (in order, rank, age, quality or location)

KJV Usage: college, copy, double, fatlings, next, second (order), twice as much.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. double, copy, second, repetition
a. double
b. copy (of law)
c. second (in order)
1. second rank
2. second in age
d. second quarter or district
Origin: from H8138
TWOT: 2421c
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 34 occurrences of H4932 משׁנה

Genesis 41:43 in the second
Genesis 43:12 double
Genesis 43:15 double
Exodus 16:5 and it shall be twice
Exodus 16:22 twice
Deuteronomy 15:18 from thee; for he hath been of double
Deuteronomy 17:18 him a copy
Joshua 8:32 a copy
1 Samuel 8:2 of his second,
1 Samuel 15:9 and of the fatlings,
1 Samuel 17:13 and next
1 Samuel 23:17 and I shall be next
2 Samuel 3:3 And his second,
2 Kings 22:14 in the second quarter;
2 Kings 23:4 of the second order,
2 Kings 25:18 the second
1 Chronicles 5:12 the next,
1 Chronicles 15:18 of the second
1 Chronicles 16:5 and next
2 Chronicles 28:7 that was next
2 Chronicles 31:12 was the next.
2 Chronicles 34:22 in the Second Quarter:
2 Chronicles 35:24 him in the second
Ezra 1:10 of a second
Nehemiah 11:9 was second
Nehemiah 11:17 the second
Esther 10:3 was next
Job 42:10 twice as much
Isaiah 61:7 ye shall have double;
Isaiah 61:7 the double:

Distinct usage

3 double
3 the second
2 and next
1 in the second
1 and it shall be twice
1 twice
1 from thee; for he hath been of double
1 him a copy
1 a copy
1 of his second,
1 and of the fatlings,
1 and I shall be next
1 And his second,
1 in the second quarter;
1 of the second order,
1 the next,
1 of the second
1 that was next
1 was the next.
1 in the Second Quarter:
1 him in the second
1 of a second
1 was second
1 was next
1 twice as much
1 ye shall have double;
1 the double:
1 double;
1 them with double
1 from the second,

Corresponding Greek Words

mishneh G1237 dia dechomai
mishneh G1240 dia dochos
mishneh G1362 diploos