H4931 משׁמרת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H4929; watch, that is, the act (custody) or (concretely) the sentry, the post; objectively preservation, or (concretely) safe; figuratively observance, that is, (abstractly) duty, or (objectively) a usage or party

KJV Usage: charge, keep, to be kept, office, ordinance, safeguard, ward, watch.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. guard, charge, function, obligation, service, watch
a. guard, watch, house of detention or confinement
b. keeping, preserving
c. charge, injunction
d. office, function (ceremonial)
Origin: from H4929
TWOT: 2414g
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) guard, charge, function, obligation, service, watch
1a) guard, watch, house of detention or confinement
1b) keeping, preserving
1c) charge, injunction
1d) office, function (ceremonial)

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First 30 of 78 occurrences of H4931 משׁמרת

Genesis 26:5 my charge,
Exodus 12:6 And ye shall keep
Exodus 16:23 for you to be kept
Exodus 16:32 of it to be kept
Exodus 16:33 to be kept
Exodus 16:34 to be kept.
Leviticus 8:35 the charge
Leviticus 18:30 my charge,
Leviticus 22:9 my charge,
Numbers 1:53 the charge
Numbers 3:7 his charge,
Numbers 3:7 and the charge
Numbers 3:8 and the charge
Numbers 3:25 And the charge
Numbers 3:28 the charge
Numbers 3:31 And their charge
Numbers 3:32 the charge
Numbers 3:36 and charge
Numbers 3:38 the charge
Numbers 3:38 for the charge
Numbers 4:27 to them in charge
Numbers 4:28 and their charge
Numbers 4:31 And this is the charge
Numbers 4:32 of the charge
Numbers 8:26 the charge,
Numbers 8:26 concerning their charge.
Numbers 9:19 the charge
Numbers 9:23 the charge
Numbers 17:10 to be kept
Numbers 18:3 thy charge,

Distinct usage

18 the charge
7 and the charge
5 my charge,
4 of the charge
3 his charge,
3 the watch
2 And their charge
2 in their charges
2 to be kept
1 for you to be kept
1 of it to be kept
1 and charge
1 to them in charge
1 but with me thou shalt be in safeguard.
1 them in custody,
1 of the watch
1 because the charge
1 for their duties,
1 having duties like one
1 to their offices,
1 in their charges,
1 soldiers
1 stood opposite them in the watches.
1 of my charge
1 my charge.
1 upon my watch,
1 And ye shall keep
1 place, and the charge
1 the duties
1 And this is the charge
1 the charge,
1 concerning their charge.
1 thy charge,
1 in my post
1 and it shall be kept
1 by watch.
1 the guard
1 to be kept.
1 for the charge
1 thee the charge
1 at their posts:

Corresponding Greek Words

mishmeret G596 apo theke
mishmeret G2183 eph emeria
mishmeret G3925 par em bole
mishmeret G5438 phulake

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H4929 משׁמר mishmâr

From H8104; a guard (the man, the post, or the prison); figuratively a deposit; also (as observed) a usage (abstractly), or an example (concretely)

KJV Usage: diligence, guard, office, prison, ward, watch.