G3925 παρεμβολή - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
insertion, interpolation
a camp, barracks, army in battle array
a camp, fort, castle, barracks, army in battle array.
a throwing in beside (juxtaposition), i.e. (specially), battle-array, encampment or barracks (tower Antonia)
Derivation: from a compound of G3844 and G1685;

KJV Usage: army, camp, castle.

G3844 G1685
1) an encampment
1a) the camp of Israel in the desert
1a1) used for the city of Jerusalem, inasmuch as that was to the Israelites what formerly the encampment had been in the desert
1a2) of the sacred congregation or assembly of Israel, as it had been gathered formerly in camps in the wilderness
1b) the barracks of the Roman soldiers, which at Jerusalem were in the castle of Antonia
2) an army in a line of battle

From a compound of G3844 and G1685; a throwing in beside (juxtaposition), that is, (specifically) battle array, encampment or barracks (tower Antonia)

KJV Usage: army, camp, castle.

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10 occurrences of G3925 παρεμβολή

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Acts 21:37
Acts 22:24
Acts 23:10
Acts 23:16
Acts 23:32
Hebrews 11:34
Hebrews 13:11
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Revelation 20:9

Corresponding Hebrew Words

par em bole H1995 hamon
par em bole H4264 machaneh
par em bole H4411 malon
par em bole H4634 maarakhah
par em bole H4853 massa
par em bole H4931 mishmeret
par em bole H5712 edah