G3886 παραλύω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to loose from the side, take off, detach
I relax, enfeeble
I relax, enfeeble, weaken.
to loosen beside, i.e. relax (perfect passive participle, paralyzed or enfeebled)
Derivation: from G3844 and G3089;

KJV Usage: feeble, sick of the (taken with) palsy.

G3844 G3089
1) to loose on one side or from the side
2) to loose or part things placed side by side
3) to loosen, dissolve
4) to weaken, enfeeble
5) suffering from the relaxing of the nerves, unstrung, weak of limb
6) tottering, weakened, feeble knees

From G3844 and G3089; to loosen beside, that is, relax (perfect passive participle paralyzed or enfeebled)

KJV Usage: feeble, sick of the (taken with) palsy.

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5 occurrences of G3886 παραλύω

Luke 5:18
Luke 5:24
Acts 8:7
Acts 9:33
Hebrews 12:12

Corresponding Hebrew Words

para luo H926 bahal ni.
para luo H1920 hadaph
para luo H2490 chalal pi.
para luo H2865 chatat
para luo H3782 kashal
para luo H3811 laah
para luo H5358 naqam hoph.
para luo H5414 natan
para luo H6131 aqar pi.
para luo H6533 param
para luo H6605 patach
para luo H7503 raphah