G3854 παραγίνομαι - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

I appear, come, arrive at
(a) I come on the scene, appear, come, (b) with words expressing destination: I present myself at, arrive at, reach.
to become near, i.e. approach (have arrived); by implication, to appear publicly
Derivation: from G3844 and G1096;

KJV Usage: come, go, be present.

G3844 G1096
1) to be present, to come near, approach
2) to come forth, make one's public appearance

From G3844 and G1096; to become near, that is, approach (have arrived); by implication to appear publicly

KJV Usage: come, go, be present.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

par ginomai H935 bo qal.,hi.
par ginomai H1961 hayah
par ginomai H1980 halakh
par ginomai H5060 naga hi.
par ginomai H7725 shuv