Army - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G4753, strateuma ]
(a) an army" of any size, large or small, Matthew 22:7; Revelation 9:16; Revelation 19:14, Revelation 19:19 (twice);
(b) "a company of soldiers," such as Herod's bodyguard, Luke 23:11 (RV, "soldiers") or the soldiers of a garrison, Acts 23:10, Acts 23:27 (RV, "the soldiers," for AV, "an army"). See SOLDIER, WAR.

[ 2,,G4760, stratopedon ]
from stratos, "a military host," pedon, "a plain," strictly denotes "an army encamped, a camp;" in Luke 21:20, of the soldiers which were to be encamped about Jerusalem in fulfillment of the Lord's prophecy concerning the destruction of the city; the phrase might be translated "by camps" (or encampments).

[ 3,,G3925, parembole ]
lit., "a casting in among, an insertion" (para, "among," ballo, "to throw"), in the Macedonian dialect, was a military term. In the NT it denotes the distribution of troops in army formation, "armies," Hebrews 11:34; a camp, as of the Israelites, Exodus 19:17; Exodus 29:14; Exodus 32:17; hence, in Hebrews 13:11, Hebrews 13:13, of Jerusalem, since the city was to the Jews what the camp in the wilderness had been to the Israelites; in Revelation 20:9, the "armies" or camp of the saints, at the close of the Millennium. It also denoted a castle or barracks, Acts 21:34, Acts 21:37; Acts 22:24; Acts 23:10, Acts 23:16, Acts 23:32.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words