H310 אחר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H309; properly the hind part; generally used as an adverb or conjugation, after (in various senses)

KJV Usage: after (that, -ward), again, at, away from, back (from, -side), behind, beside, by, follow (after, -ing), forasmuch, from, hereafter, hinder end, + out (over) live, + persecute, posterity, pursuing, remnant, seeing, since, thence [-forth], when, with.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. after the following part, behind (of place), hinder, afterwards (of time)
a. as an adverb
1. behind (of place)
2. afterwards (of time)
b. as a preposition
1. behind, after (of place)
2. after (of time)
3. besides
c. as a conjunction
d. after that
e. as a substantive
1. hinder part
f. with other prepositions
1. from behind
2. from following after
Origin: from H309
TWOT: 68b, 68c
Parts of Speech: Adverb PrepositionConjunction

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First 30 of 709 occurrences of H310 אחר

Genesis 5:4 after
Genesis 5:7 after
Genesis 5:10 after
Genesis 5:13 after
Genesis 5:16 after
Genesis 5:19 after
Genesis 5:22 after
Genesis 5:26 after
Genesis 5:30 after
Genesis 6:4 and also after
Genesis 9:9 after you;
Genesis 9:28 after
Genesis 10:1 after
Genesis 10:18 and afterward
Genesis 10:32 after
Genesis 11:10 after
Genesis 11:11 after
Genesis 11:13 after
Genesis 11:15 after
Genesis 11:17 after
Genesis 11:19 after
Genesis 11:21 after
Genesis 11:23 after
Genesis 11:25 after
Genesis 13:14 after
Genesis 14:17 him after
Genesis 15:1 After
Genesis 15:14 and afterward
Genesis 16:13 after him
Genesis 17:7 after thee

Distinct usage

287 after
55 And after
29 behind
25 and afterward
22 from following
13 followed
12 And it came to pass after
8 pursued
6 And it came to pass after this,
5 and followed
5 And afterwards
5 with
4 after thee
4 not after
4 Now after
4 afterward
3 him after
3 after them
3 that follow
3 And it came to pass, after
3 that followed
3 from pursuing
2 after him
2 after him,
2 when
2 Forasmuch
2 since
2 him.
2 that outlived
2 to follow
2 And it came to pass afterward,
2 thou after
2 from him,
2 thee behind
2 not from following
2 at thee.
2 Now after this
2 but afterwards
2 what shall be after
2 from
2 in following
2 me behind
1 and also after
1 after thee;
1 after that
1 which was behind him.
1 not behind thee,
1 from behind him,
1 and behold behind
1 me
1 thee,
1 will not follow
1 them after
1 and all that followed
1 after them.
1 after them,
1 after them:
1 following;
1 upon them: and after
1 to the backside

Corresponding Greek Words

achar G3693 opisthen
achare G3693 opisthen
achare G3694 opiso
achare khen G3694 opiso

Related words


H311 אחר 'achar
(Chaldee); corresponding to H310; after

KJV Usage: [here-] after.

H315 אחרח 'achrach
From H310 and H251; after (his) brother; Achrach, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Aharah.

H316 אחרחל 'ăcharchêl
From H310 and H2426; behind (the) intrenchment (that is, safe); Acharchel, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Aharhel.

H319 אחרית 'achărı̂yth
From H310; the last or end, hence the future; also posterity

KJV Usage: (last, latter) end (time), hinder (utter) -most, length, posterity, remnant, residue, reward.

H309 אחר 'âchar

A primitive root; to loiter (that is, be behind); by implication to procrastinate

KJV Usage: continue, defer, delay, hinder, be late (slack), stay (there), tarry (longer).

H312 אחר 'achêr
From H309; properly hinder; generally next, other, etc.

KJV Usage: (an-) other (man), following, next, strange.

H314 אחרן אחרין 'achăryôn 'achărôn
אחרן אחרין
'achăryôn 'achărôn
akh-ar-one', akh-ar-one'
From H309; hinder; generally late or last; specifically (as facing the east) western

KJV Usage: after (-ward), to come, following, hind (-er, -ermost, -most), last, latter, rereward, ut(ter)most.

H4279 מחר mâchâr
Probably from H309; properly deferred, that is, the morrow; usually (adverbially) tomorrow; indefinitely hereafter

KJV Usage: time to come, tomorrow.