H3427 ישׁב - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; properly to sit down (specifically as judge, in ambush, in quiet); by implication to dwell, to remain; causatively to settle, to marry

KJV Usage: (make to) abide (-ing), continue, (cause to, make to) dwell (-ing), ease self, endure, establish, X fail, habitation, haunt, (make to) inhabit (-ant), make to keep [house], lurking, X marry (-ing), (bring again to) place, remain, return, seat, set (-tle), (down-) sit (-down, still, -ting down, -ting [place] -uate), take, tarry.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to dwell, remain, sit, abide
a. (Qal)
1. to sit, sit down
2. to be set
3. to remain, stay
4. to dwell, have one's abode
b. (Niphal) to be inhabited
c. (Piel) to set, place
d. (Hiphil)
1. to cause to sit
2. to cause to abide, set
3. to cause to dwell
4. to cause (cities) to be inhabited
5. to marry (give an dwelling to)
e. (Hophal)
1. to be inhabited
2. to make to dwell
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 922
Parts of Speech: Verb

to dwell
1) to dwell, remain, sit, abide
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to sit, sit down
1a2) to be set
1a3) to remain, stay
1a4) to dwell, have one's abode
1b) (Niphal) to be inhabited
1c) (Piel) to set, place
1d) (Hiphil)
1d1) to cause to sit
1d2) to cause to abide, set
1d3) to cause to dwell
1d4) to cause (cities) to be inhabited
1d5) to marry (give an dwelling to)
1e) (Hophal)
1e1) to be inhabited
1e2) to make to dwell

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First 30 of 1087 occurrences of H3427 ישׁב

Genesis 4:16 and dwelt
Genesis 4:20 of such as dwell
Genesis 11:2 and they dwelt
Genesis 11:31 and dwelt
Genesis 13:6 them, that they might dwell
Genesis 13:6 not dwell
Genesis 13:7 dwelt
Genesis 13:12 dwelt
Genesis 13:12 dwelt
Genesis 13:18 and dwelt
Genesis 14:7 that dwelt
Genesis 14:12 who dwelt
Genesis 16:3 had dwelt
Genesis 18:1 and he sat
Genesis 19:1 sat
Genesis 19:25 and all the inhabitants
Genesis 19:29 dwelt.
Genesis 19:30 and dwelt
Genesis 19:30 to dwell
Genesis 19:30 and he dwelt
Genesis 20:1 and dwelt
Genesis 20:15 dwell
Genesis 21:16 and sat her down
Genesis 21:16 And she sat
Genesis 21:20 and dwelt
Genesis 21:21 And he dwelt
Genesis 22:5 Abide
Genesis 22:19 dwelt
Genesis 23:10 dwelt
Genesis 24:3 whom I dwell:

Distinct usage

51 dwelt
34 and dwelt
32 the inhabitants
23 dwell
23 sat
22 that dwelt
22 who dwelt
20 and the inhabitants
16 to dwell
15 and sat
13 and dwell
13 abode
12 Abide
12 that dwell
10 and they dwelt
10 shall dwell
9 and all the inhabitants
9 of the inhabitants
8 to sit
7 Tarry
7 who dwell
7 sitting
6 and abode
6 all the inhabitants
6 nor the inhabitants
6 that dwelleth
6 Sit
6 without an inhabitant.
5 with the inhabitants
5 and sat down
5 to the inhabitants
5 remained
5 thy dwelling
5 against the inhabitants
5 that dwellest
4 and he dwelt
4 dwelling
4 that sitteth
4 to dwell in;
4 me, and he shall sit
4 and sit
4 sitteth
4 And set
4 and they that dwell
4 and to the inhabitants
4 And they shall dwell
4 them, and dwelt
3 And she sat
3 Remain
3 And when the inhabitants
3 that sat
3 who dwelleth
3 dwelt.
3 and placed
3 I sat
3 ye inhabitants
3 that sit
3 and its inhabitants
3 upon all the inhabitants
3 upon the inhabitants

Corresponding Greek Words

yashav G373 ana pauo
yashav G654 apo strepho
yashav G936 basileuo
yashav G1265 dia meno
yashav G1304 dia tribo
yashav G1459 eg kata leipo
yashav G1474 edaphizo
yashav G1525 eis erchomai
yashav G1774 en oikeo
yashav G1940 epi kath izo
yashav G2064 erchomai
yashav G2270 hesuchazo
yashav G2323 therapeuo
yashav G2476 histemi
yashav G2516 kath ezomai
yashav G2518 katheudo
yashav G2521 kath emai
yashav G2650 kata meno
yashav G2664 kata pauo
yashav G2731 kat oikesis
yashav G2732 kat oiketerion
yashav G2733 kat oikia
yashav G2837 koimao
yashav G3306 meno
yashav G3869 para kathizo
yashav G3887 para meno
yashav G3939 par oikeo
yashav G5278 hupo meno
yashav al G2722 kat echo
yashav hi,qal,ni see G2730 katoikizo
yashav hi. G2983 lambano
yashav hi. G5087 tithemi
yashav qal,hi G600 apo kath istemi
yashav qal,ni G2647 kata luo
yashav qal,ni,hi G2730 kat oikeo
yashav qal,ni,ho G3611 oikeo
yashav qal,pi G2681 kata skenoo
yashav qal.,hi. G2523 kath izo

Related words


H3143 יושׁביה yôshibyâh
From H3427 and H3050; Jehovah will cause to dwell; Joshibjah, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Josibiah.

H3428 ישׁבאב yesheb'âb
From H3427 and H1; seat of (his) father; Jeshebab, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Jeshebeab.

H3429 ישׁב בּשּׁבת yôshêb bashshebeth
ישׁב בּשּׁבת
yôshêb bashshebeth
yo-shabe' bash-sheh'-beth
From the active participle of H3427 and H7674, with a preposition and the article interposed; sitting in the seat; Josheb-bash-Shebeht, an Israelite

KJV Usage: that sat in the seat.

H3430 ישׁבּו בּנב yishbô be nôb
ישׁבּו בּנב
yishbô be nôb
yish-bo' beh-nobe'
From H3427 and H5011, with a pronominal suffix and a preposition interposed; his dwelling (is) in Nob; Jishbo-be-Nob, a Philistine

KJV Usage: Ishbi-benob [from the margin].

H3436 ישׁבּקשׁה yoshbe qâshâh
yoshbe qâshâh
From H3427 and H7186; a hard seat; Joshbekashah, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Joshbekashah.

H3488 יתב ye thib
ye thib
(Chaldee); corresponding to H3427; to sit or dwell

KJV Usage: dwell, (be) set, sit.

H4186 משׁב מושׁב môshâb môshâb
משׁב מושׁב
môshâb môshâb
mo-shawb', mo-shawb'
From H3427; a seat; figuratively a site; abstractly a session; by extension an abode (the place or the time); by implication population

KJV Usage: assembly, dwell in, dwelling (-place), wherein (that) dwelt (in), inhabited place, seat, sitting, situation, sojourning.

H7675 שׁבת shebeth
Infinitive of H3427; properly session; but used also concretely, an abode or locality . Comapre H3429

KJV Usage: place, seat.

Compare H3429.

H7871 שׁיבה shı̂ybâh
From H3427; residence

KJV Usage: while . . . lay.

H8453 תּשׁב תּושׁב tôshâb tôshâb
תּשׁב תּושׁב
tôshâb tôshâb
to-shawb', to-shawb'
(The second form used in Kings Numbers 17:1); from H3427; a dweller (but not outlandish, H5237); especially (as distinguished from a native citizen (active participle of H3427) and a temporary inmate, H1616, or mere lodger, H3885) resident alien

KJV Usage: foreigner-inhabitant, sojourner, stranger.