H6912 קבר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to inter

KJV Usage: X in any wise, bury (-ier).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to bury
a. (Qal) to bury
b. (Niphal) to be buried
c. (Piel) to bury, bury (in masses)
d. (Pual) to be buried
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1984
Parts of Speech: Verb

to bury
1) to bury
1a) (Qal) to bury
1b) (Niphal) to be buried
1c) (Piel) to bury, bury (in masses)
1d) (Pual) to be buried

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First 30 of 133 occurrences of H6912 קבר

Genesis 15:15 thou shalt be buried
Genesis 23:4 with you, that I may bury
Genesis 23:6 bury
Genesis 23:6 but that thou mayest bury
Genesis 23:8 that I should bury
Genesis 23:11 it to thee: bury
Genesis 23:13 it of me, and I will bury
Genesis 23:15 me and thee? bury
Genesis 23:19 buried
Genesis 25:9 buried
Genesis 25:10 buried,
Genesis 35:8 and she was buried
Genesis 35:19 and was buried
Genesis 35:29 buried
Genesis 47:29 with me; bury
Genesis 47:30 and bury
Genesis 48:7 and I buried her
Genesis 49:29 bury
Genesis 49:31 There they buried
Genesis 49:31 there they buried
Genesis 49:31 and there I buried
Genesis 50:5 there shalt thou bury me.
Genesis 50:5 I pray thee, and bury
Genesis 50:6 and bury
Genesis 50:7 to bury
Genesis 50:13 and buried
Genesis 50:14 with him to bury
Genesis 50:14 he had buried
Numbers 11:34 because there they buried
Numbers 20:1 there, and was buried

Distinct usage

24 and was buried
21 And they buried
9 and buried
4 buried
4 to bury
3 bury
3 and he was buried
2 buried,
2 and bury
2 There they buried
2 he had buried
2 they buried
2 him, and buried
2 shall bury
1 thou shalt be buried
1 but that thou mayest bury
1 that I should bury
1 it to thee: bury
1 it of me, and I will bury
1 me and thee? bury
1 and she was buried
1 and I buried her
1 and there I buried
1 there shalt thou bury me.
1 I pray thee, and bury
1 with him to bury
1 because there they buried
1 and there he was buried;
1 And he buried
1 and there will I be buried:
1 were they that buried
1 upon him, and bury
1 him: and he was buried
1 and to bury
1 then bury
1 is buried;
1 for him, and bury
1 and there shall be none to bury
1 woman, and bury
1 was buried
1 And it came to pass, as they were burying
1 Yet they buried
1 him, they buried
1 but they buried
1 of him shall be buried
1 and there was none to bury
1 for they shall bury
1 and they shall have none to bury
1 they shall not be buried,
1 and they shall bury
1 to bury.
1 and shalt be buried
1 He shall be buried
1 and there shall they bury
1 be in burying
1 it, till the buriers
1 have buried
1 there, and was buried
1 with you, that I may bury
1 nor be buried;

Corresponding Greek Words

qavar G2875 kopto
qavar G5027 taphe
qavar qal,ni,pi,pu G2290 thapto

Related words

H6912 קבר

H6900 קברה קבוּרה qe bûrâh qebûrâh
קברה קבוּרה
qe bûrâh qebûrâh
keb-oo-raw', keb-oo-raw'
Feminine passive participle of H6912; sepulture; (concretely) a sepulchre

KJV Usage: burial, burying place, grave, sepulchre.

H6913 קברה קבר qeber qibrâh
קברה קבר
qeber qibrâh
keh'-ber, kib-raw'
From H6912; a sepulchre

KJV Usage: burying place, grave, sepulchre.