H6900 קברה קבוּרה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

קברה קבוּרה
qe bûrâh qebûrâh
keb-oo-raw', keb-oo-raw'
Feminine passive participle of H6912; sepulture; (concretely) a sepulchre

KJV Usage: burial, burying place, grave, sepulchre.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


קברה קבוּרה

1. grave, burial, burial site
a. grave
b. burial
Origin: pass part of H6912
TWOT: 1984b
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) grave, burial, burial site
1a) grave
1b) burial

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14 occurrences of H6900 קברה קבוּרה

Genesis 35:20 on her burying-place:
Genesis 35:20 burying-place
Genesis 47:30 me in their burying-place.
Deuteronomy 34:6 of his burying-place
1 Samuel 10:2 burying-place
2 Kings 9:28 him in his burying-place
2 Kings 21:26 in his burying-place
2 Kings 23:30 him in his own burying-place.
2 Chronicles 26:23 of the burial
Ecclesiastes 6:3 and also that he hath no burial;
Isaiah 14:20 with them in burial,
Jeremiah 22:19 with the burial
Ezekiel 32:23 her burying-place:
Ezekiel 32:24 her burying-place,

Distinct usage

2 burying-place
1 of the burial
1 with the burial
1 with them in burial,
1 and also that he hath no burial;
1 on her burying-place:
1 me in their burying-place.
1 her burying-place:
1 of his burying-place
1 him in his burying-place
1 in his burying-place
1 him in his own burying-place.
1 her burying-place,

Corresponding Greek Words

qevurah G3418 mnema
qevurah G3419 mnemeion

Related words


H6912 קבר qâbar

A primitive root; to inter

KJV Usage: X in any wise, bury (-ier).

H6913 קברה קבר qeber qibrâh
קברה קבר
qeber qibrâh
keh'-ber, kib-raw'
From H6912; a sepulchre

KJV Usage: burying place, grave, sepulchre.