H259 אחד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A numeral from H258; properly united, that is, one; or (as an ordinal) first

KJV Usage: a, alike, alone, altogether, and, any (-thing), apiece, a certain [dai-] ly, each (one), + eleven, every, few, first, + highway, a man, once, one, only, other, some, together.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. one (number)
a. one (number)
b. each, every
c. a certain
d. an (indefinite article)
e. only, once, once for all
f. one...another, the one...the other, one after another, one by one
g. first
h. eleven (in combination), eleventh (ordinal)
Origin: a numeral from H258
TWOT: 61
Parts of Speech: Adjective

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Corresponding Greek Words

echad G243 allos
echad G530 hapax
echad G1538 hekastos
echad G2087 heteros
echad G2470 isos
echad G2839 koinos
echad G3641 oligos
echad G4387 protos
echad lachodesh see G3561 meomenia