H776 ארץ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root probably meaning to be firm; the earth (at large, or partitively a land)

KJV Usage: X common, country, earth, field, ground, land, X nations, way, + wilderness, world.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. land, earth
a. earth
1. whole earth (as opposed to a part)
2. earth (as opposed to heaven)
3. earth (inhabitants)
b. land
1. country, territory
2. district, region
3. tribal territory
4. piece of ground
5. land of Canaan, Israel
6. inhabitants of land
7. Sheol, land without return, (under) world
8. city (-state)
c. ground, surface of the earth
1. ground
2. soil
d. (in phrases)
1. people of the land
2. space or distance of country (in measurements of distance)
3. level or plain country
4. land of the living
5. end(s) of the earth
e. (almost wholly late in usage)
1. lands, countries 1e
f. often in contrast to Canaan
Origin: from an unused root probably meaning to be firm
TWOT: 167
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) land, earth
1a) earth
1a1) whole earth (as opposed to a part)
1a2) earth (as opposed to heaven)
1a3) earth (inhabitants)
1b) land
1b1) country, territory
1b2) district, region
1b3) tribal territory
1b4) piece of ground
1b5) land of Canaan, Israel
1b6) inhabitants of land
1b7) Sheol, land without return, (under) world
1b8) city (-state)
1c) ground, surface of the earth
1c1) ground
1c2) soil
1d) (in phrases)
1d1) people of the land
1d2) space or distance of country (in measurements of distance)
1d3) level or plain country
1d4) land of the living
1d5) end(s) of the earth
1e) (almost wholly late in usage)
1e1) lands, countries
1e1a) often in contrast to Canaan

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First 30 of 2503 occurrences of H776 ארץ

Genesis 1:2 And the earth
Genesis 1:10 land Earth;
Genesis 1:11 Let the earth
Genesis 1:11 is in itself, upon the earth:
Genesis 1:12 And the earth
Genesis 1:15 upon the earth:
Genesis 1:17 upon the earth,
Genesis 1:20 the earth
Genesis 1:22 in the earth.
Genesis 1:24 Let the earth
Genesis 1:24 of the earth
Genesis 1:25 of the earth
Genesis 1:26 and over all the earth,
Genesis 1:26 upon the earth.
Genesis 1:28 the earth,
Genesis 1:28 upon the earth.
Genesis 1:29 of all the earth,
Genesis 1:30 of the earth,
Genesis 1:30 upon the earth,
Genesis 2:1 and the earth
Genesis 2:4 and of the earth
Genesis 2:4 the earth
Genesis 2:5 it was in the earth,
Genesis 2:5 upon the earth,
Genesis 2:6 the earth,
Genesis 2:11 the whole land
Genesis 2:12 land
Genesis 2:13 the whole land
Genesis 4:12 shalt thou be in the earth.
Genesis 4:14 in the earth;

Distinct usage

182 in the land
113 the land
103 of the land
60 of the earth
56 into the land
54 of the land,
53 of the earth,
53 from the land
51 the earth
45 And the land
41 of the earth.
40 to the land
37 the land,
35 out of the land
31 land,
27 in the land,
26 of the earth:
26 of the land.
25 And the earth
24 land
23 the earth,
20 in the land.
20 to the earth.
18 a land
18 of the earth;
17 upon the earth,
17 the land.
17 to the earth,
15 to the earth
14 upon the earth.
14 of the land:
13 the earth.
13 land.
13 all the land
12 throughout all the land
10 upon the earth
10 on the earth,
10 the land:
10 from the earth,
10 Their land
9 upon the earth;
9 to a land
8 in the earth
8 land:
8 of the land;
7 in the earth.
7 in the earth,
7 the land;
7 in all the land
7 land;
7 for the land
7 to the earth;
7 the earth:
7 the earth;
7 in the land:
6 Let the earth
6 of all the earth:
6 which is in the land
6 upon the land
6 in this land,

Corresponding Greek Words

erets G66 agrios
erets G68 agros
erets G1093 ge
erets G1475 edaphos
erets G1484 ethnos
erets G2730 kat oikeo
erets G3598 hodos
erets G3611 oikeo
erets G3624 oikos
erets G3625 oikoumene
erets G3725 horion
erets G3772 ouranos
erets G5561 chora
erets chayyim G444 anthropos
erets harisut G4098 pipto
meerets G1855 exothen *

Related words


H772 ארע 'ăra‛
(Chaldee); corresponding to H776; the earth; by implication (figuratively) low

KJV Usage: earth, inferior.

H777 ארצא 'artsâ'
From H776; earthiness; Artsa, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Arza.

H4420 מלחה me lêchâh
me lêchâh
From H4414 (in its denominative sense); properly salted (that is, land (H776 being understood)), that is, a desert

KJV Usage: barren land (-ness), salt [land].