H7105 קציר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7114; severed, that is, harvest (as reaped), the crop, the time, the reaper, or figuratively; also a limb (of a tree, or simply foliage)

KJV Usage: bough, branch, harvest (man).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. harvest, harvesting
a. process of harvesting
b. crop, what is harvested or reaped
c. time of harvest
2. boughs, branches
Origin: from H7114
TWOT: 2062a,2062b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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First 30 of 54 occurrences of H7105 קציר

Genesis 8:22 and harvest,
Genesis 30:14 harvest,
Genesis 45:6 nor harvest.
Exodus 23:16 of harvest,
Exodus 34:21 and in harvest
Exodus 34:22 harvest,
Leviticus 19:9 the harvest
Leviticus 19:9 of thy harvest.
Leviticus 23:10 its harvest,
Leviticus 23:10 of your harvest
Leviticus 23:22 the harvest
Leviticus 23:22 of thy harvest:
Leviticus 25:5 of thine harvest
Deuteronomy 24:19 thy harvest
Joshua 3:15 of harvest,
Judges 15:1 harvest,
Ruth 1:22 harvest.
Ruth 2:21 all my harvest.
Ruth 2:23 harvest
Ruth 2:23 harvest;
1 Samuel 6:13 harvest
1 Samuel 8:12 his harvest,
1 Samuel 12:17 harvest
2 Samuel 21:9 of harvest,
2 Samuel 21:9 harvest.
2 Samuel 21:10 of harvest
2 Samuel 23:13 in the harvest time
Job 5:5 Whose harvest
Job 14:9 boughs
Job 18:16 shall his branch

Distinct usage

4 of harvest,
4 the harvest
3 harvest,
3 harvest
3 in harvest,
2 harvest.
2 of harvest.
1 and harvest,
1 nor harvest.
1 and in harvest
1 of thy harvest.
1 all my harvest.
1 his harvest,
1 in the harvest time
1 Whose harvest
1 boughs
1 shall his branch
1 upon my branch.
1 her boughs
1 in the harvest.
1 and for thy harvest
1 And it shall be as when the reaper
1 but the harvest
1 thy harvest,
1 of harvest:
1 of her harvest
1 an harvest
1 to the harvest:
1 because the harvest
1 of thine harvest
1 of thy harvest:
1 When its boughs
1 harvest;
1 for the harvest
1 its harvest,
1 of your harvest
1 of harvest
1 the harvest,
1 in harvest
1 thy harvest

Corresponding Greek Words

qatsir G68 agros
qatsir G2326 therismos
qatsir G2330 theros
qatsir G2814 klema
qatsir G4863 sun ago

Related words


H7114 קצר qâtsar

A primitive root; to dock off, that is, curtail (transitively or intransitively, literally or figuratively); especially to harvest (grass or grain)

KJV Usage: X at all, cut down, much discouraged, grieve, harvestman, lothe, mourn, reap (-er), (be, wax) short (-en, -er), straiten, trouble, vex.

H7115 קצר qôtser
From H7114; shortness (of spirit), that is, impatience

KJV Usage: anguish.

H7116 קצר qâtsêr
From H7114; short (whether in size, number, life, strength or temper)

KJV Usage: few, hasty, small, soon.