1 Samuel 18

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, he finishes wording to Shaul, and the soul of Yah Nathan binds with the soul of David; and Yah Nathan loves him as his own soul. 2 And Shaul takes him that day and gives him to not return to the house of his father. 3 And Yah Nathan and David cut a covenant because he loves him as his own soul: 4 and Yah Nathan strips himself of the mantle on him and of his uniform even to his sword and to his bow and to his girdle and gives it to David. 5 And David goes wherever Shaul sends him and comprehends: and Shaul sets him over the men of war: and he is well-pleasing in the eyes of all the people and also in the eyes of the servants of Shaul. 6 And so be it, as they come, as David returns from smiting the Peleshethiy, that the women go from all cities of Yisra El singing and round dancing to meet sovereign Shaul with tambourines with cheer and with triangles. 7 And the women answer as they entertain, and say, Shaul smites his thousands and David his myriads. 8 And Shaul inflames mightily and the word is evil in his eyes; and he says, To David they give myriads and to me they give thousands: and what more, except the sovereigndom? 9 - and Shaul eyes David from that day and beyond. 10
And so be it, on the morrow, the evil spirit from Elohim prospers on Shaul; and he prophesies midst the house: and David strums with his hand, as day by day: and there is a spear in the hand of Shaul: 11 and Shaul casts the spear; for, he says, I smite David even to the wall. And David turns aside from his face two times: 12 and Shaul awes at the face of David, because Yah Veh is with him and turns aside from Shaul: 13 and Shaul turns aside from him and sets him his governor over a thousand: and he goes and comes at the face of the people. 14 And David comprehends in all his ways; and Yah Veh is with him: 15 and Shaul sees that he comprehends mightily, and he sojourns from his face: 16 and all Yisra El and Yah Hudah love David, because he goes and comes at their face. 17 And Shaul says to David, Behold my greater daughter Merab, I give you her to woman: only, become a son of valour for me and fight the wars of Yah Veh. And Shaul says, That my hand becomes not on him, but that the hand of the Peleshethiy becomes on him. 18 And David says to Shaul, Who am I? And what is my life? Or the family of my father in Yisra El? And that I become son in law to the sovereign? 19 And so be it, at the time to give Merab the daughter of Shaul to David, he gives her to Adri El the Mecholathiy to woman. 20 And Michal the daughter of Shaul loves David: and they tell Shaul; and the word is straight in his eyes. 21 And Shaul says, I give her to him, for a snare to him; and that the hand of the Peleshethiy be against him. So Shaul says to David a second time, This day you become my son in law. 22 And Shaul misvahs his servants, Word with David undercover, and say, Behold, the sovereign delights in you and all his servants love you: and now become son in law to the sovereign. 23 And the servants of Shaul word those words in the ears of David. And David says, Seems it trifling in your eyes to become son in law to the sovereign - seeing that I am impoverished and abased? 24 And the servants of Shaul tell him, saying, David words according to these words. 25 And Shaul says, Say thus to David: The sovereign delights not in any dowry except a hundred foreskins of the Peleshethiy; to be avenged of the enemies of the sovereign. And Shaul fabricates that David fall by the hand of the Peleshethiy: 26 and his servants tell David these words; and the word is straight in the eyes of David - to be the son in law of the sovereign: but the days never fulfill. 27 And David rises and goes, he and his men, and smite two hundred men of the Peleshethiy; and David brings their foreskins; and they give them fully to the sovereign, to become son in law to the sovereign. - and Shaul gives him Michal his daughter to woman. 28 And Shaul sees and knows Yah Veh is with David and that Michal the daughter of Shaul loves him: 29 and Shaul adds to awe to face David; and Shaul becomes an enemy of David all days. 30 And the governors of the Peleshethiy come: and so be it, after they come, David comprehends more than all the servants of Shaul; so that his name is mightily esteemed.