H1732 דּויד דּוד - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

דּויד דּוד
dâvid dâvı̂yd
daw-veed', daw-veed'
From the same as H1730; loving; David, the youngest son of Jesse

KJV Usage: David.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


דּויד דּוד
David = "beloved"
1. youngest son of Jesse and second king of Israel
Origin: from the same as H1730
TWOT: 410c
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

David = "beloved"
1) youngest son of Jesse and second king of Israel

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First 30 of 1002 occurrences of H1732 דּויד דּוד

Ruth 4:17 of David.
Ruth 4:22 David.
1 Samuel 16:13 upon David
1 Samuel 16:19 to me David
1 Samuel 16:20 David
1 Samuel 16:21 And David
1 Samuel 16:22 Let David,
1 Samuel 16:23 that David
1 Samuel 17:12 Now David
1 Samuel 17:14 And David
1 Samuel 17:15 But David
1 Samuel 17:17 to David
1 Samuel 17:20 And David
1 Samuel 17:22 And David
1 Samuel 17:23 and David
1 Samuel 17:26 And David
1 Samuel 17:28 against David,
1 Samuel 17:29 And David
1 Samuel 17:31 which David
1 Samuel 17:32 And David
1 Samuel 17:33 to David,
1 Samuel 17:34 And David
1 Samuel 17:37 David
1 Samuel 17:37 to David,
1 Samuel 17:38 David
1 Samuel 17:39 And David
1 Samuel 17:39 it. And David
1 Samuel 17:39 them. And David
1 Samuel 17:41 to David;
1 Samuel 17:42 David,

Distinct usage

218 And David
116 David
74 of David
55 to David,
54 of David,
46 David,
31 to David
26 So David
24 of David.
24 that David
23 David's
22 Then David
17 David.
16 But David
14 of David:
10 to David.
8 And when David
7 Therefore David
7 and David's
6 when David
6 David:
6 became David's
6 for David
6 whom David
5 with David,
5 of David;
4 with David
4 Behold, David
4 to David;
4 which David
3 to make David
3 David;
3 And it came to pass, when David
3 And as David
3 as did David
3 for David,
2 Now David
2 of David's
2 that David's
2 Doth not David
2 David?
2 Is not this David,
2 him to David,
2 it to David:
2 instead of David
2 have we in David?
2 themselves to David
2 to me. And David
2 thou that David
2 me, as David
2 like David
2 according to all that David
2 in the stead of David
1 upon David
1 to me David
1 against David,
1 it to David,
1 was with David,
1 in David:
1 against David;

Corresponding Greek Words

david see G1138 daveid _

Related words


G1138 Δαβίδ
Of Hebrew origin [H1732]; Dabid (that is, David), the Israelite king

KJV Usage: David.

H1730 דּד דּוד dôd dôd

דּד דּוד
dôd dôd
dode, dode
From an unused root meaning properly to boil, that is, (figuratively) to love; by implication a love token, lover, friend; specifically an uncle

KJV Usage: (well-) beloved, father’s brother, love, uncle.

H1717 דּד dad
Apparently from the same as H1730; the breast (as the seat of love, or from its shape)

KJV Usage: breast, teat.

H1731 דּוּד dûd
From the same as H1730; a pot (for boiling); also (by resemblance of shape) a basket

KJV Usage: basket, caldron, kettle, (seething) pot.

H1733 דּודה dôdâh
Feminine of H1730; an aunt

KJV Usage: aunt, father’s sister, uncle’s wife.

H1734 דּודו dôdô
From H1730; loving; Dodo, the name of three Israelites

KJV Usage: Dodo.

H1735 דּודוהוּ dôdâvâhû
From H1730 and H3050; love of Jah; Dodavah, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Dodavah.

H3039 ידיד ye dı̂yd
ye dı̂yd
From the same as H1730; loved

KJV Usage: amiable, (well-) beloved, loves.