H3802 כּתף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to clothe; the shoulder (proper, that is, upper end of the arm; as being the spot where the garments hang); figuratively side piece or lateral projection or anything

KJV Usage: arm, corner, shoulder (-piece), side, undersetter.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. shoulder, shoulder-blade, side, slope
a. shoulder, shoulder-blade (of man)
b. shoulder, shoulder-pieces (of animals)
c. side, slope (of mountain)
d. supports (of laver)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to clothe
TWOT: 1059
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) shoulder, shoulder-blade, side, slope
1a) shoulder, shoulder-blade (of man)
1b) shoulder, shoulder-pieces (of animals)
1c) side, slope (of mountain)
1d) supports (of laver)

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First 30 of 67 occurrences of H3802 כּתף

Exodus 27:14 of one side
Exodus 27:15 side
Exodus 28:7 shoulderpieces
Exodus 28:12 upon the shoulders
Exodus 28:12 shoulders
Exodus 28:25 them on the shoulderpieces
Exodus 28:27 sides
Exodus 38:14 of the one side
Exodus 38:15 side
Exodus 39:4 shoulderpieces
Exodus 39:7 them on the shoulders
Exodus 39:18 them on the shoulderpieces
Exodus 39:20 sides
Numbers 7:9 upon their shoulders.
Numbers 34:11 to the side
Deuteronomy 33:12 between his shoulders.
Joshua 15:8 side
Joshua 15:10 along to the side
Joshua 15:11 to the side
Joshua 18:12 to the side
Joshua 18:13 to the side
Joshua 18:16 to the side
Joshua 18:18 toward the side
Joshua 18:19 to the side
Judges 16:3 them upon his shoulders,
1 Samuel 17:6 between his shoulders.
1 Kings 6:8 side
1 Kings 7:30 had supports:
1 Kings 7:30 supports
1 Kings 7:34 supports

Distinct usage

11 side
6 to the side
3 upon the shoulders
2 shoulderpieces
2 sides
2 between his shoulders.
2 supports
2 corner
2 the shoulder,
2 which was at the side
1 of one side
1 shoulders
1 them on the shoulderpieces
1 of the one side
1 them on the shoulders
1 them on the shoulderpieces
1 upon their shoulders.
1 along to the side
1 toward the side
1 had supports:
1 and the supports
1 upon their shoulders
1 upon your shoulders:
1 Then let my arm
1 upon their shoulders.
1 it upon my shoulder
1 and the shoulder;
1 all their shoulder:
1 and every shoulder
1 and with shoulder,
1 by the side
1 And on the outside,
1 side,
1 on that side, by the side
1 at the side
1 and the sides
1 on the one side and on the other side, on the sides
1 side.
1 him upon the shoulder,
1 the side
1 it upon thy shoulders,
1 upon his shoulder
1 them upon his shoulders,

Corresponding Greek Words

kateph G1137 gonia
kateph G3558 notos
kateph G3577 notos
kateph G5606 omos

Related words

H3802 כּתף

H3801 כּתּנת כּתנת ke thôneth kûttôneth
כּתּנת כּתנת
ke thôneth kûttôneth
keth-o'-neth, koot-to'-neth
From an unused root meaning to cover (compare H3802); a shirt

KJV Usage: coat, garment, robe.