H3802 כּתף - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From an unused root meaning to clothe; the shoulder (proper, that is, upper end of the arm; as being the spot where the garments hang); figuratively side piece or lateral projection or anything

KJV Usage: arm, corner, shoulder (-piece), side, undersetter.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. shoulder, shoulder-blade, side, slope
a. shoulder, shoulder-blade (of man)
b. shoulder, shoulder-pieces (of animals)
c. side, slope (of mountain)
d. supports (of laver)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to clothe
TWOT: 1059
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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First 30 of 58 occurrences of H3802 כּתף

Exodus 27:14 of one side
Exodus 27:15 side
Exodus 28:7 shoulderpieces
Exodus 28:12 upon the shoulders
Exodus 28:12 shoulders
Exodus 28:25 them on the shoulderpieces
Exodus 28:27 sides
Exodus 38:14 of the one side
Exodus 38:15 side
Exodus 39:4 shoulderpieces
Exodus 39:7 them on the shoulders
Exodus 39:18 them on the shoulderpieces
Exodus 39:20 sides
Numbers 7:9 upon their shoulders.
Numbers 34:11 to the side
Deuteronomy 33:12 between his shoulders.
Joshua 15:8 side
Joshua 15:10 along to the side
Joshua 15:11 to the side
Joshua 18:12 to the side
Joshua 18:13 to the side
Joshua 18:16 to the side
Joshua 18:18 toward the side
Joshua 18:19 to the side
Judges 16:3 them upon his shoulders,
1 Samuel 17:6 between his shoulders.
1 Kings 6:8 side
1 Kings 7:30 had supports:
1 Kings 7:30 supports
1 Kings 7:34 supports

Distinct usage

11 side
6 to the side
3 upon the shoulders
2 shoulderpieces
2 sides
2 between his shoulders.
2 supports
2 corner
2 the shoulder,
2 which was at the side
1 of one side
1 shoulders
1 them on the shoulderpieces
1 of the one side
1 them on the shoulders
1 them on the shoulderpieces
1 upon their shoulders.
1 along to the side
1 toward the side
1 them upon his shoulders,
1 had supports:
1 and the supports
1 upon their shoulders
1 upon your shoulders:
1 Then let my arm
1 him upon the shoulder,
1 upon their shoulders.
1 it upon thy shoulders,
1 it upon my shoulder
1 upon his shoulder

Corresponding Greek Words

kateph G1137 gonia
kateph G3558 notos
kateph G3577 notos
kateph G5606 omos