H168 אהל - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H166; a tent (as clearly conspicuous from a distance)

KJV Usage: covering, (dwelling) (place), home, tabernacle, tent.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. tent
a. nomad's tent, and thus symbolic of wilderness life, transience
b. dwelling, home, habitation
c. the sacred tent of Jehovah (the tabernacle)
Origin: from H166
TWOT: 32a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) tent
1a) nomad's tent, and thus symbolic of wilderness life, transience
1b) dwelling, home, habitation
1c) the sacred tent of Jehovah (the tabernacle)

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First 30 of 345 occurrences of H168 אהל

Genesis 4:20 in tents,
Genesis 9:21 his tent.
Genesis 9:27 in the tents
Genesis 12:8 his tent,
Genesis 13:3 where his tent
Genesis 13:5 and tents.
Genesis 18:1 in the tent
Genesis 18:2 them from the tent
Genesis 18:6 into the tent
Genesis 18:9 Behold, in the tent.
Genesis 18:10 it in the tent
Genesis 24:67 tent,
Genesis 25:27 in tents.
Genesis 26:25 his tent
Genesis 31:25 his tent
Genesis 31:33 tent,
Genesis 31:33 tent,
Genesis 31:33 tents;
Genesis 31:33 tent,
Genesis 31:33 tent.
Genesis 31:34 all the tent,
Genesis 33:19 his tent,
Genesis 35:21 his tent
Exodus 16:16 for them who are in his tents.
Exodus 18:7 into the tent.
Exodus 26:7 hair to be a tent
Exodus 26:9 of the tent.
Exodus 26:11 the tent
Exodus 26:12 of the tent,
Exodus 26:13 of the tent,

Distinct usage

64 of the tent
33 in the tent
26 the tent
12 into the tent
10 of the tent,
8 for the tent
7 to the tent
6 tent,
6 the tents
5 to his tent.
4 in the tents
4 his tent
4 in his tent,
4 to your tents,
4 to their tents.
4 a tent
4 of the tent.
3 and the tent
2 in tents,
2 his tent,
2 the tent,
2 into the tent,
2 and their tents,
2 in thy tents.
2 to his tent,
2 in his tent.
2 their tents,
2 in their tents.
2 in their tents,
2 tents,
2 into the tent.
2 between the tent
2 that were in the tent,
2 of the tent:
2 My tent
1 his tent.
1 where his tent
1 and tents.
1 Behold, in the tent.
1 it in the tent
1 in tents.
1 tents;
1 tent.
1 all the tent,
1 for them who are in his tents.
1 its tent,
1 hair for the tent
1 out of his tent
1 namely, the tent
1 of his tent:
1 of their tents,
1 in a tent:
1 and all that is in the tent,
1 are thy tents,
1 to your tents
1 to thy tents.
1 to the tent;
1 and his tent,
1 also to their tents,
1 to her into the tent,

Corresponding Greek Words

ohel G2646 kata luma
ohel G3624 oikos
ohel G4633 skene
ohel G4638 skenoma

Related words


H167 אהל 'âhal
A denominative from H168; to tent

KJV Usage: pitch (remove) a tent.

H169 אהל 'ôhel
The same as H168; Ohel, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Ohel.

H170 אהלהּ אהלה 'ohŏlâh 'ohŏlâhh
אהלהּ אהלה
'ohŏlâh 'ohŏlâhh
o-hol-aw', o-hol-aw'
The first form is in form a feminine of H168, but is in fact for the second form; from H168; her tent (that is, idolatrous sanctuary); Oholah, a symbolic name for Samaria

KJV Usage: Aholah.

H171 אהליאב 'ohŏlı̂y'âb
From H168 and H1; tent of (his) father; Oholiab, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Aholiab.

H172 אהליבהּ אהליבה 'ohŏlı̂ybâh 'ohŏlı̂ybâhh
אהליבהּ אהליבה
'ohŏlı̂ybâh 'ohŏlı̂ybâhh
o''-hol-ee-baw', o''-hol-e-baw'
(As with H170 the first form is in form a feminine of H168, but is in fact for the second form); from H168; my tent (is) in her; Oholibah, a symbolic name for Judah

KJV Usage: Aholibah.

H173 אהליבמה 'ohŏlı̂ybâmâh
From H168 and H1116; tent of (the) height; Oholibamah, a wife of Esau

KJV Usage: Aholibamah.

H166 אהל 'âhal

A primitive root; to be clear

KJV Usage: shine.