H170 אהלהּ אהלה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

אהלהּ אהלה
'ohŏlâh 'ohŏlâhh
o-hol-aw', o-hol-aw'
The first form is in form a feminine of H168, but is in fact for the second form; from H168; her tent (that is, idolatrous sanctuary); Oholah, a symbolic name for Samaria

KJV Usage: Aholah.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

אהלהּ אהלה
Aholah = "her own tent"
1. Samaria as an adulteress with Assyria (metaph)
Origin: in form a f of H168, but in fact for 'Oholahh {o-hol-aw'}
TWOT: 32b
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Feminine

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4 occurrences of H170 אהלהּ אהלה

Ezekiel 23:4
Ezekiel 23:5
Ezekiel 23:36
Ezekiel 23:44