H2007 הנּה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Prolonged for H2004; themselves (often used emphatically for the copula, also in indirect relation)

KJV Usage: X in, X such (and such things), their, (into) them, thence, therein, these, they (had), on this side, those, wherein.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. they, these, the same, who
Origin: prolongation for H2004
TWOT: 504
Parts of Speech: Feminine

1) they, these, the same, who

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26 occurrences of H2007 הנּה

Genesis 6:2 that they
Genesis 41:19 such
Exodus 9:32 for they
Leviticus 4:2 of them:
Leviticus 6:3 in it:
Leviticus 18:10 for theirs
Numbers 13:19 in,
Numbers 31:16 Behold, these
Deuteronomy 20:15 from thee, which
1 Samuel 17:28 those
1 Samuel 27:8 for those
2 Samuel 12:8 to thee such
2 Samuel 12:8 and such things.
1 Chronicles 21:10 of them,
Job 23:14 such
Psalms 34:20 of them
Isaiah 34:16 of these
Jeremiah 5:6 from there shall
Jeremiah 5:17 in which thou
Ezekiel 1:5 they
Ezekiel 1:23 on this side,
Ezekiel 1:23 on that side,
Ezekiel 16:51 more than they,
Ezekiel 42:5 than these,
Ezekiel 42:9 into them
Zechariah 5:9 for they had

Distinct usage

2 such
1 that they
1 for they
1 in it:
1 for theirs
1 in,
1 from thee, which
1 those
1 for those
1 to thee such
1 and such things.
1 of them,
1 of them
1 of these
1 in which thou
1 they
1 on this side,
1 on that side,
1 more than they,
1 than these,
1 into them
1 for they had
1 from there shall
1 of them:
1 Behold, these

Related words


H2004 הן hên

Feminine plural from H1931; they (only used when emphatic)

KJV Usage: X in, such like, (with) them, thereby, therein, (more than) they, wherein, in which, whom, withal.

H2008 הנּה hênnâh
From H2004; hither or thither (but used both of place and time)

KJV Usage: here, hither [-to], now, on this (that) side, + since, this (that) way, thitherward, + thus far, to . . . fro, + yet.

H5728 עדנּה עדן ‛ăden ‛ădennâh
עדנּה עדן
‛ăden ‛ădennâh
ad-en', ad-en'-naw
From H5704 and H2004; till now

KJV Usage: yet.