H2088 זה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive word; the masculine demonstrative pronoun, this or that

KJV Usage: he, X hence, X here, it (-self), X now, X of him, the one . . . the other, X than the other, (X out of) the (self) same, such (an one) that, these, this (hath, man), on this side . . . on that side, X thus, very, which.

Compare H2063, H2090, H2097, H2098.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. this, this one, here, which, this...that, the one...the other, another, such
a. (alone)
1. this one
2. this...that, the one...the other, another
b. (appos to subst)
1. this
c. (as predicate)
1. this, such
d. (enclitically)
1. then
2. who, whom
3. how now, what now
4. what now
5. wherefore now
6. behold here
7. just now
8. now, now already
e. (poetry)
1. wherein, which, those who
f. (with prefixes)
1. in this (place) here, then
2. on these conditions, herewith, thus provided, by, through this, for this cause, in this matter
3. thus and thus
4. as follows, things such as these, accordingly, to that effect, in like manner, thus and thus
5. from here, hence, on one side...on the other side
6. on this account
7. in spite of this, which, whence, how
Origin: a primitive word
TWOT: 528
Parts of Speech:

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First 30 of 37 occurrences of H2088 זה

Genesis 5:1 This
Genesis 7:1 in this
Genesis 7:11 the same
Genesis 24:9 that
Genesis 25:22 If it is so, why am I thus?
Genesis 27:21 whether thou art my very
Genesis 27:36 twice:
Genesis 32:29 why is it
Genesis 37:17 from here;
Genesis 38:21 in this
Genesis 41:38 such a man as this
Genesis 50:25 from here.
Exodus 13:3 this
Exodus 13:8 that
Exodus 14:20 the other
Exodus 15:2 he
Exodus 24:14 ye here
Exodus 25:19 on the other
Exodus 26:13 on the one side,
Leviticus 23:14 until the same
Deuteronomy 5:29 O that there were such
1 Samuel 17:17 of this
1 Samuel 21:9 that here.
1 Samuel 21:11 one to another of him
1 Samuel 25:21 all that this
1 Kings 17:24 Now by this
2 Kings 1:5 to them, Why have ye now
2 Kings 5:7 that this man
2 Kings 6:9 not such
Job 14:3 upon such one,

Distinct usage

3 This
2 in this
2 that
1 the same
1 If it is so, why am I thus?
1 whether thou art my very
1 twice:
1 why is it
1 from here;
1 such a man as this
1 from here.
1 the other
1 he
1 ye here
1 on the other
1 on the one side,
1 until the same
1 O that there were such
1 of this
1 that here.
1 one to another of him
1 all that this
1 Now by this
1 to them, Why have ye now
1 that this man
1 not such
1 upon such one,
1 itself
1 of the same:
1 which
1 the other;
1 any thing: this
1 than
1 of this; yea, also from this

Corresponding Greek Words

zeh G243 allos
zeh G2087 heteros
zeh G2400 idou
zeh G3778 houtos
zeh G4169 poios
zeh G5101 tis
bazeh G5602 hode
hazzeh G1565 ekeinos *
mizzeh G1782 enteuthen *
mizzeh G1782 (see) enthen *