1 Samuel 18

  1 H3615 [H8763] And it came to pass, when he had finished H1696 [H8763] speaking H7586 to Saul, H5315 that the breath H3083 of Jonathan H7194 [H8738] was knit H5315 with the breath H1732 of David, H3083 and Jonathan H157 [H8799] loved H5315 him as his own breath.
  2 H7586 And Saul H3947 [H8799] took H3117 him that day, H5414 [H8804] and would let H7725 [H8800] him go no more home H1 to his father's H1004 house.
  3 H3083 Then Jonathan H1732 and David H3772 [H8799] made H1285 a covenant, H160 because he loved H5315 him as his own breath.
  4 H3083 And Jonathan H6584 [H8691] stripped H4598 himself of the robe H5414 [H8799] that was upon him, and gave H1732 it to David, H4055 and his garments, H2719 even to his sword, H7198 and to his bow, H2289 and to his belt.
  5 H1732 And David H3318 [H8799] went out H7586 wherever Saul H7971 [H8799] sent H7919 [H8686] him, and behaved himself prudently: H7586 and Saul H7760 [H8799] set H582 him over the men H4421 of war, H3190 [H8799] and he was accepted H5869 in the eyes H5971 of all the people, H5869 and also in the eyes H7586 of Saul's H5650 servants.
  6 H935 [H8800] And it came to pass as they came, H1732 when David H7725 [H8800] had returned H5221 [H8687] from the slaughter H6430 of the Philistine, H802 that the women H3318 [H8799] came out H5892 of all the cities H3478 of Israel, H7891 [H8800] singing H4246 and dancing, H7125 [H8800] to meet H4428 king H7586 Saul, H8596 with tabrets, H8057 with joy, H7991 and with instruments of music.
  7 H802 And the women H6030 [H8799] spoke to H7832 [H8764] one another as they played, H559 [H8799] and said, H7586 Saul H5221 [H8689] hath slain H505 his thousands, H1732 and David H7233 his ten thousands.
  8 H7586 And Saul H3966 was very H2734 [H8799] angry, H1697 and the saying H3415 H5869 [H8799] displeased H559 [H8799] him; and he said, H5414 [H8804] They have ascribed H1732 to David H7233 ten thousands, H5414 [H8804] and to me they have ascribed H505 thousands: H4410 and what can he have more but the kingdom?
  9 H7586 And Saul H5770 [H8802] kept a jealous eye on H1732 David H3117 from that day H1973 and onward.
  10 H4283 And it came to pass on the next day, H7451 that the evil H7307 spirit H430 from God H6743 [H8799] came H7586 upon Saul, H5012 [H8691] and he prophesied H8432 in the midst H1004 of the house: H1732 and David H5059 [H8764] played H3027 with his hand, H3117 as at other times: H2595 and there was a javelin H7586 in Saul's H3027 hand.
  11 H7586 And Saul H2904 [H8686] cast H2595 the javelin; H559 [H8799] for he said, H5221 [H8686] I will smite H1732 David H7023 even to the wall. H1732 And David H5437 [H8735] escaped H6440 from his face H6471 twice.
  12 H7586 And Saul H3372 [H8799] was afraid H6440 of H1732 David, H3068 because the LORD H5493 [H8804] was with him, and had departed H7586 from Saul.
  13 H7586 Therefore Saul H5493 [H8686] removed H7760 [H8799] him from him, and made H8269 him his captain H505 over a thousand; H3318 [H8799] and he went out H935 [H8799] and came in H6440 at the face of H5971 the people.
  14 H1732 And David H7919 [H8688] behaved himself prudently H1870 in all his ways; H3068 and the LORD was with him.
  15 H7586 Therefore when Saul H7200 [H8799] saw H7919 0 that he behaved H3966 himself very H7919 [H8688] prudently, H1481 [H8799] he was afraid H6440 of him.
  16 H3478 But all Israel H3063 and Judah H157 [H8802] loved H1732 David, H3318 [H8802] because he went out H935 [H8802] and came in H6440 at the face of them.
  17 H7586 And Saul H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H1419 Behold my elder H1323 daughter H4764 Merab, H5414 [H8799] her will I give H802 thee for a wife: H1121 H2428 only be thou valiant H3898 [H8734] for me, and fight H3068 the LORD'S H4421 battles. H7586 For Saul H559 [H8804] said, H3027 Let not my hand H3027 be upon him, but let the hand H6430 of the Philistines be upon him.
  18 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said H7586 to Saul, H2416 Who am I? and what is my life, H1 or my father's H4940 family H3478 in Israel, H2860 that I should be son in law H4428 to the king?
  19 H6256 But it came to pass at the time H4764 when Merab H7586 Saul's H1323 daughter H5414 [H8800] should have been given H1732 to David, H5414 [H8738] that she was given H5741 to Adriel H4259 the Meholathite H802 for a wife.
  20 H4324 And Michal H7586 Saul's H1323 daughter H157 [H8799] loved H1732 David: H5046 [H8686] and they told H7586 Saul, H1697 and the thing H3474 H5869 [H8799] pleased him.
  21 H7586 And Saul H559 [H8799] said, H5414 [H8799] I will give H4170 her to him, that she may be a snare H3027 to him, and that the hand H6430 of the Philistines H7586 may be against him. Therefore Saul H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H3117 Thou shalt this day H2859 [H8691] be my son in law H8147 in the one of the two.
  22 H7586 And Saul H6680 [H8762] commanded H5650 his servants, H1696 [H8761] saying, Speak H1732 with David H3909 secretly, H559 [H8800] and say, H4428 Behold, the king H2654 [H8804] hath delight H5650 in thee, and all his servants H157 [H8804] love H4428 thee: now therefore be the king's H2859 [H8690] son in law.
  23 H7586 And Saul's H5650 servants H1696 [H8762] spoke H1697 those words H241 in the ears H1732 of David. H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said, H5869 Seemeth H7043 [H8738] it to you a light H4428 thing to be a king's H2859 [H8692] son in law, H7326 [H8802] seeing that I am a poor H376 man, H7034 [H8737] and lightly esteemed?
  24 H5650 And the servants H7586 of Saul H5046 [H8686] told H559 [H8800] him, saying, H1697 On this manner H1696 [H8765] spoke H1732 David.
  25 H7586 And Saul H559 [H8799] said, H559 [H8799] Thus shall ye say H1732 to David, H4428 The king H2656 desireth H4119 not any dowry, H3967 but an hundred H6190 foreskins H6430 of the Philistines, H5358 [H8736] to be avenged H4428 of the king's H341 [H8802] enemies. H7586 But Saul H2803 [H8804] thought H1732 to make David H5307 [H8687] fall H3027 by the hand H6430 of the Philistines.
  26 H5650 And when his servants H5046 [H8686] told H1732 David H1697 these words, H3474 H1697 H5869 [H8799] it pleased H1732 David H4428 well to be the king's H2859 [H8692] son in law: H3117 and the days H4390 [H8804] had not expired.
  27 H1732 Therefore David H6965 [H8799] arose H3212 [H8799] and went, H582 he and his men, H5221 [H8686] and slew H6430 of the Philistines H3967 two hundred H376 men; H1732 and David H935 [H8686] brought H6190 their foreskins, H4390 [H8762] and they gave them in full number H4428 to the king, H4428 that he might be the king's H2859 [H8692] son in law. H7586 And Saul H5414 [H8799] gave H4324 him Michal H1323 his daughter H802 for a wife.
  28 H7586 And Saul H7200 [H8799] saw H3045 [H8799] and knew H3068 that the LORD H1732 was with David, H4324 and that Michal H7586 Saul's H1323 daughter H157 [H8804] loved him.
  29 H7586 And Saul H3254 [H8686] was yet the more H3372 [H8800] afraid H6440 of H1732 David; H7586 and Saul H1732 became David's H341 [H8802] enemy H3117 continually.
  30 H8269 Then the princes H6430 of the Philistines H3318 [H8799] went forth: H1767 and it came to pass, after H3318 [H8800] they went forth, H1732 that David H7919 [H8804] behaved himself more prudently H5650 than all the servants H7586 of Saul; H8034 so that his name H3966 was much H3365 [H8799] esteemed.