Psalms 105

  1 H3034 [H8685] O give thanks H3068 to the LORD; H7121 [H8798] call H8034 upon his name: H3045 [H8685] make known H5949 his deeds H5971 among the people.
  2 H7891 [H8798] Sing H2167 [H8761] to him, sing psalms H7878 [H8798] to him: talk H6381 [H8737] ye of all his wondrous works.
  3 H1984 [H8690] Boast H6944 ye in his holy H8034 name: H3820 let the heart H8055 [H8799] of them rejoice H1245 [H8764] that seek H3068 the LORD.
  4 H1875 [H8798] Seek H3068 the LORD, H5797 and his strength: H1245 [H8761] seek H6440 his face H8548 evermore.
  5 H2142 [H8798] Remember H6381 [H8737] his marvellous works H6213 [H8804] that he hath done; H4159 his wonders, H4941 and the judgments H6310 of his mouth;
  6 H2233 O ye seed H85 of Abraham H5650 his servant, H1121 ye sons H3290 of Jacob H972 his chosen.
  7 H3068 He is the LORD H430 our God: H4941 his judgments H776 are in all the earth.
  8 H2142 [H8804] He hath remembered H1285 his covenant H5769 to the age, H1697 the word H6680 [H8765] which he commanded H505 to a thousand H1755 generations.
  9 H3772 [H8804] Which covenant he made H85 with Abraham, H7621 and his oath H3446 to Isaac;
  10 H5975 [H8686] And confirmed H3290 the same to Jacob H2706 for a statute, H3478 and to Israel H5769 for an everlasting H1285 covenant:
  11 H559 [H8800] Saying, H5414 [H8799] To thee will I give H776 the land H3667 of Canaan, H2256 the lot H5159 of your inheritance:
  12 H4962 When they were a few men H4557 in number; H4592 yea, very few, H1481 [H8802] and sojourners in it.
  13 H1980 [H8691] When they went H1471 from one nation H4467 to another, from one kingdom H312 to another H5971 people;
  14 H3240 [H8689] He permitted H120 no man H6231 [H8800] to do them wrong: H3198 [H8686] yea, he reproved H4428 kings for their sakes;
  15 H5060 [H8799] Saying, Touch H4899 not my anointed, H5030 and do my prophets H7489 [H8686] no harm.
  16 H7121 [H8799] Moreover he called H7458 for a famine H776 upon the land: H7665 [H8804] he broke H4294 the whole staff H3899 of bread.
  17 H7971 [H8804] He sent H376 a man H6440 at the face of H3130 them, even Joseph, H4376 [H8738] who was sold H5650 for a servant:
  18 H7272 Whose feet H6031 [H8765] they hurt H3525 with fetters: H5315 he H935 [H8804] was laid H1270 in iron:
  19 H6256 Until the time H1697 that his word H935 [H8800] came: H565 the word H3068 of the LORD H6884 [H8804] refined him.
  20 H4428 The king H7971 [H8804] sent H5425 [H8686] and loosed H4910 [H8802] him; even the ruler H5971 of the people, H6605 [H8762] and let him go free.
  21 H7760 [H8804] He made H113 him lord H1004 of his house, H4910 [H8802] and ruler H7075 of all his substance:
  22 H631 [H8800] To bind H8269 his princes H5315 at his pleasure; H2205 and teach his elders H2449 [H8762] wisdom.
  23 H3478 Israel H935 [H8799] also came H4714 into Egypt; H3290 and Jacob H1481 [H8804] sojourned H776 in the land H2526 of Ham.
  24 H6509 [H8686] And he increased H5971 his people H3966 greatly; H6105 [H8686] and made them stronger H6862 than their constricters.
  25 H2015 [H8804] He turned H3820 their heart H8130 [H8800] to hate H5971 his people, H5230 [H8692] to deal subtilly H5650 with his servants.
  26 H7971 [H8804] He sent H4872 Moses H5650 his servant; H175 and Aaron H977 [H8804] whom he had chosen.
  27 H7760 [H8804] They showed H226 H1697 his signs H4159 among them, and wonders H776 in the land H2526 of Ham.
  28 H7971 [H8804] He sent H2822 darkness, H2821 [H8686] and made it dark; H4784 [H8804] and they rebelled H1697 not against his word.
  29 H2015 [H8804] He turned H4325 their waters H1818 into blood, H4191 [H8686] and slew H1710 their fish.
  30 H776 Their land H8317 0 brought forth H6854 frogs H8317 [H8804] in abundance, H2315 in the chambers H4428 of their kings.
  31 H559 [H8804] He spoke, H935 [H8799] and there came H6157 swarms of flies, H3654 and lice H1366 in all their land.
  32 H5414 [H8804] He gave H1259 them hail H1653 for rain, H3852 and flaming H784 fire H776 in their land.
  33 H5221 [H8686] He smote H1612 their vines H8384 also and their fig trees; H7665 [H8762] and broke H6086 the trees H1366 of their land.
  34 H559 [H8804] He spoke, H697 and the locusts H935 [H8799] came, H3218 and caterpillers, H4557 and that without number,
  35 H398 [H8799] And ate up H6212 all the herbs H776 in their land, H398 [H8799] and devoured H6529 the fruit H127 of their soil.
  36 H5221 [H8686] He smote H1060 also all the firstborn H776 in their land, H7225 the chief H202 of all their strength.
  37 H3318 [H8686] He brought them forth H3701 also with silver H2091 and gold: H3782 [H8802] and there was not one feeble H7626 person among their tribes.
  38 H4714 Egypt H8055 [H8804] was glad H3318 [H8800] when they departed: H6343 for the fear H5307 [H8804] of them fell upon them.
  39 H6566 [H8804] He spread H6051 a cloud H4539 for a covering; H784 and fire H215 [H8687] to give light H3915 in the night.
  40 H7592 [H8804] The people asked, H935 [H8686] and he brought H7958 quails, H7646 [H8686] and satisfied H3899 them with the bread H8064 of heaven.
  41 H6605 [H8804] He opened H6697 the rock, H4325 and the waters H2100 [H8799] gushed out; H1980 [H8804] they ran H6723 in the dry places H5104 like a river.
  42 H2142 [H8804] For he remembered H6944 his holy H1697 promise, H85 and Abraham H5650 his servant.
  43 H3318 [H8686] And he brought forth H5971 his people H8342 with joy, H972 and his chosen H7440 with gladness:
  44 H5414 [H8799] And gave H776 them the lands H1471 of the nations: H3423 [H8799] and they inherited H5999 the labour H3816 of the folk;
  45 H8104 [H8799] That they might observe H2706 his statutes, H5341 [H8799] and keep H8451 his laws. H1984 [H8761] Praise H3050 ye the LORD.