Daniel 3:29

  29 H4481 Therefore I H7761 [H8752] make H2942 a decree, H3606 That every H5972 people, H524 nation, H3961 and language, H560 [H8748] which speak H7960 H7955 [H8675] any thing amiss H5922 against H426 the God H7715 of Shadrach, H4336 Meshach, H5665 and Abednego, H5648 [H8725] shall be cut H1917 in pieces, H1005 and their houses H7739 [H8721] shall be made H5122 a refuse heap: H6903 H3606 because H383 there is H3809 no H321 other H426 God H3202 [H8748] that can H5338 [H8682] extricate H1836 after this sort.