Psalms 105

Coverdale(i) 1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, and call vpon his name: tell the people what thinges he hath done. 2 O let youre songes be of him: prayse him, and let youre talkynge be of all his wonderous workes. 3 Geue his holy name a good reporte, let their hertes reioyse that seke the LORDE. 4 Seke the LORDE, and his strength, seke his face euermore. 5 Remembre the maruelous workes that he hath done, his wonders and the iudgmentes of his mouth. 6 O ye sede of Abraham his seruaunt, ye children of Iacob his chosen. 7 He is the LORDE oure God, whose punyshmentes are thorow out all the worlde. 8 He is allwaye myndfull of his couenaunt, and promyse that he made to a thousande generacions. 9 Yee the couenaunt that he made wt Abraham, and the ooth that he swore vnto Isaac. 10 And apoynted the same vnto Iacob for a lawe, and to Israel for an euerlastinge testament. 11 Sayenge: vnto the wil I geue the londe of Canaan, the lott of youre heretage. 12 When there was yet but a fewe of them, and they straungers therin. 13 What tyme as they wente from one nacion to another, from one kyngdome to another. 14 He suffred no man to hurte them, but reproued euen kynges for their sakes. 15 Touch not myne anoynted, do my prophetes no harme. 16 Morouer he called for a derth vpon the lode, and destroyed all the prouysion of bred. 17 But he had sent a man before them, euen Ioseph which was solde to be a bonde seruaunt. 18 They hurte his fete in the stockes, the yron pearsed his herte. 19 Vntill the tyme that his worde came, and till the worde of ye LORDE had tried him. 20 Then sent the kinge and caused him be delyuered, the prynce of the people bad let him go. 21 He made him lorde of his house, & ruler of all his substaunce. 22 That he might enfourme his prynces after his wil, and teach his Senatours wysdome. 23 Israel also came in to Egipte, and Iacob was a straunger in the lode of Ham. 24 But he increased his people exceadingly, and made them stronger then their enemies. 25 Whose hert turned, so that they hated his people, and dealt vntruly with his seruauntes. 26 Then sent he Moses his seruaunt, and Aaron whom he had chosen. 27 These dyd his tokens amoge them, and wonders in the londe of Ham. 28 He sent darcknesse and it was darcke, for they were not obedient vnto his worde. 29 He turned their waters in to bloude, and slewe their fishe. 30 Their londe brought forth frogges, yee euen in their kynges chambers. 31 He spake the worde, & their came all maner of flies & lise in all their quarters. 32 He gaue them hale stones for rayne, and flammes of fyre in their lode. 33 He smote their vynyardes & fige trees, and destroyed the trees that were in their coastes. 34 He spake ye worde, and their came greshoppers & catirpillers innumerable. 35 These ate vp all the grasse in their lode, and deuoured the frutes of their groude. 36 He smote all ye first borne in their lode, euen the chefe of all their substaunce. 37 He brought them forth wt syluer & golde, there was not one feble personne amoge their trybes. 38 Egipte was glad of their departinge, for they were afraied of the. 39 e spred out a cloude to be a couerynge, and fyre to geue light in the night season. 40 At their desyre, there came quales, and he fylled them with the bred of heaue. 41 He opened the rocke of stone, & the waters flowed out: so that ryuers ranne in the wildernesse. 42 For why, he remembred his holy promyse which he had made vnto Abraham his seruaunt. 43 Thus he brought forth his people with ioye, and his chosen with gladnesse. 44 And gaue them the lodes of the Heithe, where they toke the labours of the people in possession. 45 That they might kepe his statutes, and obserue his lawes. Halleluya. Halleluya.