H4784 מרה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to be (causatively make) bitter (or unpleasant); (figuratively) to rebel (or resist; causatively to provoke)

KJV Usage: bitter, change, be disobedient, disobey, grievously, provocation, provoke (-ing), (be) rebel (against, -lious).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. to be contentious, be rebellious, be refractory, be disobedient towards, be rebellious against
a. (Qal) to be disobedient, be rebellious
1. towards father
2. towards God
b. (Hiphil) to show rebelliousness, show disobedience, disobey
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 1242
Parts of Speech: Verb

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Corresponding Greek Words

marah G272 ameleo
marah G436 anth istemi
marah G764 asebeo
marah G1522 eis akouo
marah G2042 erethizo
marah G2051 erizo
marah et peh G3947 par oxuno
marah hi. G868 aph istemi
marah qal,hi G3845 para baino
marah qal., hi. G3893 para pikraino
marah qal.,hi. G544 apeitheo