H784 אשׁ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive word; fire (literally or figuratively)

KJV Usage: burning, fiery, fire, flaming, hot.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. fire
a. fire, flames
b. supernatural fire (accompanying theophany)
c. fire (for cooking, roasting, parching)
d. altar-fire
e. God's anger (fig.)
Origin: a primitive word
TWOT: 172
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) fire
1a) fire, flames
1b) supernatural fire (accompanying theophany)
1c) fire (for cooking, roasting, parching)
1d) altar-fire
1e) God's anger (fig.)

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First 30 of 380 occurrences of H784 אשׁ

Genesis 15:17 and a burning
Genesis 19:24 and fire
Genesis 22:6 the fire
Genesis 22:7 Behold the fire
Exodus 3:2 of fire
Exodus 3:2 with fire,
Exodus 9:23 and the fire
Exodus 9:24 and fire
Exodus 12:8 with fire,
Exodus 12:9 with fire;
Exodus 12:10 with fire.
Exodus 13:21 of fire,
Exodus 13:22 of fire
Exodus 14:24 of fire
Exodus 19:18 upon it in fire:
Exodus 22:6 If fire
Exodus 24:17 fire
Exodus 29:14 with fire
Exodus 29:34 with fire:
Exodus 32:20 it in the fire,
Exodus 32:24 it into the fire,
Exodus 35:3 no fire
Exodus 40:38 and fire
Leviticus 1:7 fire
Leviticus 1:7 upon the fire:
Leviticus 1:8 that is on the fire
Leviticus 1:12 that is on the fire
Leviticus 1:17 that is upon the fire:
Leviticus 2:14 by the fire,
Leviticus 3:5 that is on the fire:

Distinct usage

31 fire
25 a fire
22 with fire.
16 the fire
16 of fire
13 with fire,
12 with fire:
10 the fire,
9 and the fire
9 of fire,
8 and fire
8 with fire
8 fire,
8 of fire.
6 of the fire,
5 in the fire.
4 no fire
4 in the fire
4 of the fire:
4 with fire;
4 through the fire,
3 on fire.
3 on fire
3 it with fire.
3 it with fire,
3 fire.
3 like fire,
2 that is on the fire
2 when the fire
2 fire;
2 of the fire.
2 by fire,
2 into the fire:
2 As the fire
2 And a fire
2 the fire;
2 in the fire;
2 it with fire:
2 to the fire
2 of the fire
2 in the fire,
2 like fire?
1 and a burning
1 Behold the fire
1 with fire;
1 upon it in fire:
1 If fire
1 it into the fire,
1 upon the fire:
1 that is upon the fire:
1 by the fire,
1 that is on the fire:
1 which the fire
1 of which there is a hot
1 it in the fire;
1 is with fire.
1 because the fire
1 thou the fire
1 For there hast a fire
1 not the fire

Corresponding Greek Words

esh G4442 pur
esh G4447 purinos
esh G5395 phlox

Related words


H785 אשׁ 'êsh
(Chaldee); corresponding to H784

KJV Usage: flame.

H786 אשׁ 'ish
Identical (in origin and formation) with H784; entity; used only adverbially, there is or are

KJV Usage: are there, none can.

Compare H3426.

H799 אשׁדּת 'eshdâth
From H784 and H1881; a fire law

KJV Usage: fiery law.

H800 אשּׁה 'eshshâh
Feminine of H784; fire

KJV Usage: fire.

H808 אשׁישׁ 'âshı̂ysh
From the same as H784 (in the sense of pressing down firmly; compare H803); a (ruined) foundation

KJV Usage: foundation.

H861 אתּוּן 'attûn
(Chaldee); probably corresponding to H784; probably a fireplace, that is, furnace

KJV Usage: furnace.

H3060 יהואשׁ ye hô'âsh
ye hô'âsh
From H3068 and (perhaps) H784; Jehovah fired; Jehoash, the name of two Israelite kings

KJV Usage: Jehoash

Compare H3101.