H8317 שׁרץ - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

A primitive root; to wriggle, that is, (by implication) swarm or abound

KJV Usage: breed (bring forth, increase) abundantly (in abundance), creep, move.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. (Qal) to teem, swarm, multiply
a. to swarm, teem
1. to swarm
Origin: a primitive root
TWOT: 2467
Parts of Speech: Verb

to swarm
1) (Qal) to teem, swarm, multiply
1a) to swarm, teem
1b2) to swarm

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16 occurrences of H8317 שׁרץ

Genesis 1:20 swarm
Genesis 1:21 brought forth abundantly,
Genesis 7:21 that creepeth
Genesis 8:17 that they may breed abundantly
Genesis 9:7 bring forth abundantly
Exodus 1:7 and increased abundantly,
Exodus 8:3 shall bring forth
Exodus 8:3 abundantly,
Leviticus 11:29 that creep
Leviticus 11:41 that creepeth
Leviticus 11:42 that creep
Leviticus 11:43 that creepeth,
Leviticus 11:46 that creepeth
Psalms 105:30 brought forth
Psalms 105:30 in abundance,
Ezekiel 47:9 which moveth,

Distinct usage

3 that creepeth
2 that creep
1 that they may breed abundantly
1 bring forth abundantly
1 and increased abundantly,
1 shall bring forth
1 abundantly,
1 that creepeth,
1 brought forth
1 in abundance,
1 which moveth,
1 swarm
1 brought forth abundantly,

Corresponding Greek Words

sharats G1806 ex ago
sharats G2795 kineo
sharats G4129 plethuno
sharats be' G4137 pleroo

Related words

H8317 שׁרץ

H8318 שׁרץ sherets
From H8317; a swarm, that is, active mass of minute animals

KJV Usage: creep (-ing thing), move (-ing creature).