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Genesis 1:20 swarm H8317 H8799
Genesis 1:21 brought forth abundantly, H8317 H8804
Genesis 7:21 that creepeth H8317 H8802
Genesis 8:17 that they may breed abundantly H8317 H8804
Genesis 9:7 bring forth abundantly H8317 H8798
Exodus 1:7 and increased abundantly, H8317 H8799
Exodus 8:3 shall bring forth H8317
Exodus 8:3 abundantly, H8317 H8804
Leviticus 11:29 that creep H8317 H8802
Leviticus 11:41 that creepeth H8317 H8802
Leviticus 11:42 that creep H8317 H8802
Leviticus 11:43 that creepeth, H8317 H8802
Leviticus 11:46 that creepeth H8317 H8802
Psalms 105:30 brought forth H8317
Psalms 105:30 in abundance, H8317 H8804
Ezekiel 47:9 which moveth, H8317 H8799

Distinct usage

3 that creepeth
2 that creep
1 that they may breed abundantly
1 bring forth abundantly
1 and increased abundantly,
1 shall bring forth
1 abundantly,
1 that creepeth,
1 brought forth
1 in abundance,
1 which moveth,
1 swarm
1 brought forth abundantly,

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