Psalms 105

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H3034 הודו O give thanks H3068 ליהוה unto the LORD; H7121 קראו call H8034 בשׁמו upon his name: H3045 הודיעו make known H5971 בעמים among the people. H5949 עלילותיו׃ his deeds
  2 H7891 שׁירו Sing H2167 לו זמרו unto him, sing psalms H7878 לו שׂיחו unto him: talk H3605 בכל ye of all H6381 נפלאותיו׃ his wondrous works.
  3 H1984 התהללו Glory H8034 בשׁם name: H6944 קדשׁו ye in his holy H8055 ישׂמח of them rejoice H3820 לב let the heart H1245 מבקשׁי that seek H3068 יהוה׃ the LORD.
  4 H1875 דרשׁו Seek H3068 יהוה the LORD, H5797 ועזו and his strength: H1245 בקשׁו seek H6440 פניו his face H8548 תמיד׃ evermore.
  5 H2142 זכרו Remember H6381 נפלאותיו his marvelous works H834 אשׁר that H6213 עשׂה he hath done; H4159 מפתיו his wonders, H4941 ומשׁפטי and the judgments H6310 פיו׃ of his mouth;
  6 H2233 זרע O ye seed H85 אברהם of Abraham H5650 עבדו his servant, H1121 בני ye children H3290 יעקב of Jacob H972 בחיריו׃ his chosen.
  7 H1931 הוא He H3068 יהוה the LORD H430 אלהינו our God: H3605 בכל in all H776 הארץ the earth. H4941 משׁפטיו׃ his judgments
  8 H2142 זכר He hath remembered H5769 לעולם forever, H1285 בריתו his covenant H1697 דבר the word H6680 צוה he commanded H505 לאלף to a thousand H1755 דור׃ generations.
  9 H834 אשׁר Which H3772 כרת he made H854 את with H85 אברהם Abraham, H7621 ושׁבועתו and his oath H3446 לישׂחק׃ unto Isaac;
  10 H5975 ויעמידה And confirmed H3290 ליעקב the same unto Jacob H2706 לחק for a law, H3478 לישׂראל to Israel H1285 ברית covenant: H5769 עולם׃ an everlasting
  11 H559 לאמר Saying, H5414 לך אתן Unto thee will I give H853 את   H776 ארץ the land H3667 כנען of Canaan, H2256 חבל the lot H5159 נחלתכם׃ of your inheritance:
  12 H1961 בהיותם When they were H4962 מתי a few men H4557 מספר in number; H4592 כמעט yea, very few, H1481 וגרים׃ and strangers
  13 H1980 ויתהלכו When they went H1471 מגוי from one nation H413 אל to H1471 גוי another, H4467 מממלכה from kingdom H413 אל to H5971 עם people; H312 אחר׃ another
  14 H3808 לא no H3240 הניח   H120 אדם man H6231 לעשׁקם to do them wrong: H3198 ויוכח yea, he reproved H5921 עליהם for their sakes; H4428 מלכים׃ kings
  15 H408 אל not H5060 תגעו Touch H4899 במשׁיחי mine anointed, H5030 ולנביאי and do my prophets H408 אל no H7489 תרעו׃ harm.
  16 H7121 ויקרא Moreover he called for H7458 רעב a famine H5921 על upon H776 הארץ the land: H3605 כל the whole H4294 מטה staff H3899 לחם of bread. H7665 שׁבר׃ he broke
  17 H7971 שׁלח He sent H6440 לפניהם before H376 אישׁ a man H5650 לעבד for a servant: H4376 נמכר was sold H3130 יוסף׃ them, Joseph,
  18 H6031 ענו they hurt H3525 בכבל with fetters: H7272 רגליו Whose feet H1270 ברזל in iron: H935 באה was laid H5315 נפשׁו׃ he
  19 H5704 עד Until H6256 עת the time H935 בא came: H1697 דברו that his word H565 אמרת the word H3068 יהוה of the LORD H6884 צרפתהו׃ tried
  20 H7971 שׁלח sent H4428 מלך The king H5425 ויתירהו and loosed H4910 משׁל him; the ruler H5971 עמים of the people, H6605 ויפתחהו׃ and let him go free.
  21 H7760 שׂמו He made H113 אדון him lord H1004 לביתו of his house, H4910 ומשׁל and ruler H3605 בכל of all H7075 קנינו׃ his substance:
  22 H631 לאסר To bind H8269 שׂריו his princes H5315 בנפשׁו at his pleasure; H2205 וזקניו and teach his senators H2449 יחכם׃ wisdom.
  23 H935 ויבא also came into H3478 ישׂראל Israel H4714 מצרים Egypt; H3290 ויעקב and Jacob H1481 גר sojourned H776 בארץ in the land H2526 חם׃ of Ham.
  24 H6509 ויפר And he increased H853 את   H5971 עמו his people H3966 מאד greatly; H6105 ויעצמהו and made them stronger H6862 מצריו׃ than their enemies.
  25 H2015 הפך He turned H3820 לבם their heart H8130 לשׂנא to hate H5971 עמו his people, H5230 להתנכל to deal subtlely H5650 בעבדיו׃ with his servants.
  26 H7971 שׁלח He sent H4872 משׁה Moses H5650 עבדו his servant; H175 אהרן Aaron H834 אשׁר whom H977 בחר׃ he had chosen.
  27 H7760 שׂמו They showed H1697 בם דברי his signs H226 אתותיו his signs H4159 ומפתים among them, and wonders H776 בארץ in the land H2526 חם׃ of Ham.
  28 H7971 שׁלח He sent H2822 חשׁך darkness, H2821 ויחשׁך and made it dark; H3808 ולא not H4784 מרו and they rebelled H854 את   H1697 דברוו׃ against his word.
  29 H2015 הפך He turned H853 את   H4325 מימיהם their waters H1818 לדם into blood, H4191 וימת and slew H853 את   H1710 דגתם׃ their fish.
  30 H8317 שׁרץ brought forth frogs in abundance, H776 ארצם Their land H6854 צפרדעים brought forth frogs in abundance, H2315 בחדרי in the chambers H4428 מלכיהם׃ of their kings.
  31 H559 אמר He spoke, H935 ויבא and there came H6157 ערב divers sorts of flies, H3654 כנים lice H3605 בכל in all H1366 גבולם׃ their coasts.
  32 H5414 נתן He gave H1653 גשׁמיהם for rain, H1259 ברד them hail H784 אשׁ fire H3852 להבות flaming H776 בארצם׃ in their land.
  33 H5221 ויך He smote H1612 גפנם their vines H8384 ותאנתם also and their fig trees; H7665 וישׁבר and broke H6086 עץ the trees H1366 גבולם׃ of their coasts.
  34 H559 אמר He spoke, H935 ויבא came, H697 ארבה and the locusts H3218 וילק and caterpillars, H369 ואין and that without H4557 מספר׃ number,
  35 H398 ויאכל And did eat up H3605 כל all H6212 עשׂב the herbs H776 בארצם in their land, H398 ויאכל and devoured H6529 פרי the fruit H127 אדמתם׃ of their ground.
  36 H5221 ויך He smote H3605 כל also all H1060 בכור the firstborn H776 בארצם in their land, H7225 ראשׁית the chief H3605 לכל of all H202 אונם׃ their strength.
  37 H3318 ויוציאם He brought them forth H3701 בכסף also with silver H2091 וזהב and gold: H369 ואין and not H7626 בשׁבטיו among their tribes. H3782 כושׁל׃ one feeble
  38 H8055 שׂמח was glad H4714 מצרים Egypt H3318 בצאתם when they departed: H3588 כי for H5307 נפל of them fell H6343 פחדם the fear H5921 עליהם׃ upon
  39 H6566 פרשׂ He spread H6051 ענן a cloud H4539 למסך for a covering; H784 ואשׁ and fire H215 להאיר to give light H3915 לילה׃ in the night.
  40 H7592 שׁאל asked, H935 ויבא and he brought H7958 שׂלו quails, H3899 ולחם them with the bread H8064 שׁמים of heaven. H7646 ישׂביעם׃ and satisfied
  41 H6605 פתח He opened H6697 צור the rock, H2100 ויזובו gushed out; H4325 מים and the waters H1980 הלכו they ran H6723 בציות in the dry places H5104 נהר׃ a river.
  42 H3588 כי For H2142 זכר he remembered H853 את   H1697 דבר promise, H6944 קדשׁו his holy H853 את   H85 אברהם Abraham H5650 עבדו׃ his servant.
  43 H3318 ויוצא And he brought forth H5971 עמו his people H8342 בשׂשׂון with joy, H7440 ברנה with gladness: H853 את   H972 בחיריו׃ his chosen
  44 H5414 ויתן And gave H1992 להם   H776 ארצות them the lands H1471 גוים of the heathen: H5999 ועמל the labor H3816 לאמים of the people; H3423 יירשׁו׃ and they inherited
  45 H5668 בעבור That H8104 ישׁמרו they might observe H2706 חקיו his statutes, H8451 ותורתיו his laws. H5341 ינצרו and keep H1984 הללו Praise H3050 יה׃ ye the LORD.