H4714 מצרים - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Dual of H4693; Mitsrajim, that is, Upper and Lower Egypt

KJV Usage: Egypt, Egyptians, Mizraim.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


n pr loc Egypt = "land of the Copts"
1. a country at the northeastern section of Africa, adjacent to Palestine, and through which the Nile flows adj Egyptians = "double straits"
2. the inhabitants or natives of Egypt
Origin: dual of H4693
TWOT: 1235
Parts of Speech:

Egypt = "land of the Copts"
n pr loc
1) a country at the northeastern section of Africa, adjacent to Palestine, and through which the Nile flows
Egyptians = "double straits"
2) the inhabitants or natives of Egypt

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First 30 of 681 occurrences of H4714 מצרים

Genesis 10:6 and Mizraim,
Genesis 10:13 And Mizraim
Genesis 12:10 into Egypt
Genesis 12:11 into Egypt,
Genesis 12:14 Egypt,
Genesis 13:1 from Egypt,
Genesis 13:10 of Egypt,
Genesis 15:18 of Egypt
Genesis 21:21 of Egypt.
Genesis 25:18 Egypt,
Genesis 26:2 into Egypt;
Genesis 37:25 to Egypt.
Genesis 37:28 into Egypt.
Genesis 37:36 him into Egypt
Genesis 39:1 to Egypt;
Genesis 40:1 of Egypt
Genesis 40:1 of Egypt.
Genesis 40:5 of Egypt,
Genesis 41:8 of Egypt,
Genesis 41:19 of Egypt
Genesis 41:29 of Egypt:
Genesis 41:30 of Egypt;
Genesis 41:33 of Egypt.
Genesis 41:34 of Egypt
Genesis 41:36 of Egypt;
Genesis 41:41 of Egypt.
Genesis 41:43 of Egypt.
Genesis 41:44 of Egypt.
Genesis 41:45 of Egypt.
Genesis 41:46 of Egypt.

Distinct usage

129 of Egypt,
97 of Egypt
69 of Egypt.
30 of Egypt:
20 of Egypt;
19 from Egypt,
15 into Egypt,
14 in Egypt,
13 and the Egyptians
13 out of Egypt,
12 the Egyptians
10 to Egypt,
10 Egypt
9 of the Egyptians,
7 of the Egyptians
7 in Egypt;
6 into Egypt;
6 in Egypt:
6 from Egypt.
6 out of Egypt
6 Egypt,
6 from Egypt:
6 into Egypt
5 into Egypt.
5 in Egypt
4 of the Egyptians.
4 out of Egypt.
4 for the Egyptians
4 upon Egypt,
4 from Egypt
4 out of Egypt?
3 in Egypt.
3 into Egypt:
3 from Egypt;
2 and Mizraim,
2 And Mizraim
2 to Egypt.
2 to the Egyptians.
2 with him into Egypt.
2 the Egyptians.
2 who are in Egypt,
2 the Egyptians,
2 upon the Egyptians:
2 out of Egypt:
2 on Egypt
2 to Egypt:
2 of Egypt!
2 to Egypt
2 Against Egypt,
2 for you in Egypt
1 him into Egypt
1 to Egypt;
1 to the Egyptians;
1 with thee into Egypt;
1 all the Egyptians
1 to thee into Egypt,
1 to the Egyptians:
1 over Egypt,
1 to you in Egypt:
1 And all the Egyptians

Related words


H67 אבל מצרים 'âbêl mitsrayim
אבל מצרים
'âbêl mitsrayim
aw-bale' mits-rah'-yim
From H58 and H4714; meadow of Egypt; Abel-Mitsrajim, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Abel-mizraim.

H4713 מצרי mitsrı̂y
From H4714; a Mitsrite, or inhabitant of Mitsrajim

KJV Usage: Egyptian, of Egypt.

H4693 מצור mâtsôr

The same as H4692 in the sense of a limit; Egypt (as the border of Palestine)

KJV Usage: besieged places, defence, fortified.